How Many Jumping Jacks Should I Do Everyday To Lose Belly Fat?

Jumping jacks workouts are quite fun and great cardio-plyometric workouts!

But, how many jumping jacks a day to lose belly fat?

This workout looks simple but is very effective and works the whole body.

The Main targets muscle are:-

  • Glutes 
  • Hamstrings 
  • Abdominal 
  • Hip-flexors

Though if you are only looking to reduce belly fat, jumping jacks can work wonders for you!

But, losing fat from the body doesn’t happen with one exercise— it requires a low-calorie diet and equal amounts of workouts.

How many jumping jacks a day to lose belly fat

How many jumping jacks a day to lose belly fat

Plyometric exercises help to tone the entire body, it increases your flexibility through a continuous movement of muscles, burn more calories, and improve the cardiovascular system.

Consistently doing jumping jacks will make your leg, abdominal, and back much stronger and increases endurance.

So, how many jumping jacks a day to lose stomach fat?

Jumping jacks work overall body muscles—it just doesn’t target a single muscle group. An average person can do 40-50 jumping jacks in 1 minute and burn 10-20 calories, which depends on his weight and exercise intensity. To burn around 100 calories one needs to do 100 jumping jacks in a single session.(10/40 =0.25 calories)

In addition to intense jumping jacks, you also need a low-carb diet that keeps you energized for long periods.

How many jumping jacks you can perform also depends on your-

  • Stamina
  • Body weight 
  • Knee health 
  • Age

Losing tummy fat needs a consistent and intense workout with a proper healthy diet.

You have to avoid oily, sugary, processed foods in order to reduce tummy fat.

If you are doing 100 or more jumping jacks a day and that too, at high intensity, it will help you tone your entire body.

Do jumping jacks flatten your stomach

If you are looking for an easy and effective workout to work whole body muscles simultaneously, the jumping jack exercise is probably what you should be doing!

Can jumping jacks get rid of belly fat?

Yes certainly it can, jumping jacks increase your metabolism, and this help to burn more calories in a short time. It is a cardio exercise that targets your glute, quads, abdominals, hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors. Doing at least 15-20 minutes of jumping jacks burns 200 calories and flattens stomach fat and reduces overall fat.

Jumping jacks doesn’t target specific muscle groups, it targets your whole body.

To lose tummy fat, you need to perform 100 jumping jacks a day and eat a proper low-calorie diet.

What happens if you do 100 jumping jacks a day?

What happens if you do 100 jumping jacks a day

It’s a beginner-friendly workout and doesn’t require any extra skill to perform.

The best thing about jumping jacks is that you can perform them longer than other workouts.

It burns more calories in a short period of time and increases your heart rate.

But, what if you perform 100 jumping jacks per day?

It will help to get your body in shape, will improve your breathing, and heart health, and burn more calories. A 160-pound average person will take 5-10 minutes to do 100 jumping jacks (vigorous) and will burn 101 calories. And this is a great workout to burn maximum calories in a short time and get in shape.


  • You can take breaks between your workout sessions like 1-2 minutes, and this will help to burn more calories in a single day.
  • Try to do 2-minute cardio per set and increases your intensity in every next step, this will help to increase your stamina and endurance level.

Is jumping good for belly fat

You can’t find any cardio workout which is fun and burns more calories than jumping jacks.

You need to remember that it’s a cardio workout which is great for overall body muscles.

The main muscles that jumping jacks works are-

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings 
  • Hip flexors 
  • Abdominal 
  • Shoulder 

This means that it is also good for your belly fat too!

A 20-minutes jumping jacks workout can burn around 200 calories.

And this means that doing 20-30 minutes of Jumping jacks a day will burn more calories and helps you become more lean and strong.

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Final thoughts

To summarise everything you read about: how many jumping jacks a day to lose belly fat!

You must perform jumping jacks for 30 to 40 minutes if you want to lose belly fat. Jumping jacks for 30 minutes at a high intensity will burn 342 calories for a 180-pound person.

And also supplement your exercise with a healthy and low-calorie diet to get a toned body.


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