13 Simple And Powerful Exercise For Obese Beginners At Home

exercise for obese beginners at home

What is the best exercise for obese beginners at home for losing fat?

It’s a well-known fact that if you are not doing any kind of physical activity you are prone to severe weight, health, and heart-related issues!

And when you are already overweight it is scary situation to be in!

According to WHO adults between 18-64 or above must perform 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity.

But thousands of Americans have put themselves at many health issues because of inadequate lifestyle, which means they will find it hard to start any exercise as a beginner.

Therefore in this article, I have curated a list of 13 simple and powerful exercises, to begin with, and lose weight naturally.



Whether you have never performed any kind of exercise in your life, walking is the best and easiest one you can start.

People of any group find it very easy to perform and overweight guys like you will also love it.

You also don’t need any equipment or apparel for walking but you do need well-cushioned shoes.

According to Health Harvard Publishing walking for 30 minutes per day at 3.5 mph can burn 133 calories for a person weighing 155 pounds. 

Stair Climbing

easy exercise for obese beginners at home

Like walking, stair climbing is also very inexpensive and overweight people can just start it from any day.

It helps to increase your breathing, lungs capacity and you receive more oxygen in your body compared to when you are at rest.

It works muscles like glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and even abdominal muscles.

You can easily burn fat stored in your lower body and stair climbing for 15-20 minutes per day according to your health condition.

If you have knee or back pain, do consult your physiotherapist before starting it as an exercise.

Stair climbing is very simple and effective exercise for obese beginners at home.

Lying Half Leg Raise

The most common problem you guys face is getting rid of belly fat!

It takes a lot of controlled diet and continuous workout to lose belly fat and get a well-toned body.

Lying half leg raises helps beginners to perform abdominal focussed exercise that help to tone down abdominal, hip and waist muscles.

It also works your shoulders, hip flexors and back muscles.

This exercise improves your breath, core strength and posture.

Half Squats

exercise for obese beginners at home

If you are already obese and are not involved in any type of physical activity or workout this puts you at risk of heart disease, diabetes type-2, high cholesterol levels.

Half squats are a great exercise when you are just starting as it helps to set your body for higher intensity workouts.

It works your thighs, butt, core, glutes, hamstrings and calves muscles.

This exercise also helps to tone thighs and provides great strength training for obese beginners.

Knee Bent Leg Raise

Knee Bent Leg Raise

This one is also a very powerful core workout and any overweight beginner can perform it.

Knee bent leg raises work your back, shoulder, legs, and hips muscles and is a very easy exercise for obese beginners.

It helps to tone abdominal muscles and reduces fat from your waist and for many it is best low-impact exercise for obese beginners.

If you are someone who spends most time sitting at work then this workout is perfect for you as it improves strength and flexibility in the lower back and hip muscles.


obese workout for weight loss

Well if you are just starting your exercise journey dancing can be the perfect way to jump on it.

It brings joy and can be fun to perform and if you have a partner in workout then this workout can burn a lot of calories in a single session.

When you move your body and do any kind of step you are already burning calories and if you do it for 15-20 minutes this can help you tone down your body.

You don’t even feel you are exercising in dancing as it is so fun to do and time just flies by.

Side Bends

best low-impact exercise for obese

This exercise looks very simple though it can be tough if you have put on a lot of fat around your waist area.

Side bends is great exercise for the overall body, it improves your posture and back muscles.

It also strengthens and improves flexibility of spine.

Another benefit of side bend is that it provides balance to your body and helps to tone excess fat from the waist and hip area.

It also helps to lengthen the hips, core, thigh muscles and is a great stretching exercise for overweight beginners.


obese workout beginner at home

It is also a strength training and very powerful exercise that helps to strengthen abdominal, back, forearms and shoulder muscles.

A lot of you guys will find it tough initially but if you can hold yourself for 10-15 seconds in the beginning that’s a great start.

Plank help to improve posture, flexibility, body posture, balance and it also strengthen and tones core muscles like spine, joints and pelvic.

You can easily perform it at home or outdoor without any equipment.


exercise for obese beginners at home

This exercise works from your body center, if you have seen how an actual windmill works and rotates, somewhat you are also going to do that.

Windmill exercise is great exercise for overweight beginners which they can perform at home.

It works your core when you go down and helps to burn fat and provides strength.

Muscles like glutes and hamstrings are the main muscles used in windmill exercise as these are the backbone of this workout.

Windmill satisfies as the best exercise for obese beginners at home to burn calories.

And if you have back or joint problems don’t start before consulting your physiotherapist.

Hip Swirls

Their can not be more simplified and best exercise for any overweight beginner than hip swirls!

One of the best standing exercises that improves your body stability, flexibility and balance.

This exercise uses your hip, back, thighs, and joint muscles to create a tremendous amount of pressure on your core.

It targets your thighs and especially inner thighs to give a lean and toned lower body.

Most beginners don’t focus much on the lower body but this exercise is very easy and simple to do at home for obese beginners.


stretching exercises for overweight beginners

When you are starting out as a beginner your body weight can be your greatest asset, meaning you don’t have to buy any equipment initially!

There are many bodyweight exercises that help in losing weight and keeping you fit in the long run.

Lunge is a bodyweight exercise and help to improve you body balance, coordination and flexibility.

One of the best and simplest exercis ethat targets you rlower body and core.

According to Ace Fitness Study when you perform forward lunge it improves your hamstrings, gluteus (Maximus and medius).

This exercise focuses on one leg at a time and really helps to improve lower body muscle strength, flexibility and provides a lot of power to the lower body.

Wall Sit

wall sit

All the fat you have put on must have been because you were idle for a long time and probably because of your job profile.

But here is a perfect bodyweight exercise for you and that involves sitting but this time you will be burning calories!

Wall sit is great exercise to improve your posture, back, core and lower body muscles.

It really engages your important muscles like hamstrings, calves, glutes, abs and back.

When you perform a wall sit your body is in a chair position and this helps to activate twitch fibres in your leg muscles.

Activating twitch fibres help to increase flexibility, mobility, endurance and stamina.

And you also don’t need any equipment as you are doing it against the wall of your home, office or anywhere you want to.

Knee-Bent Push-up

Some call this exercise as cheating or girls push-ups but science beg to differ.

Whatever you call it but this exercise is great for obese beginners as there are people who find doing push-ups hard in the initial working days.

Knee bent push-ups are modified versions of normal push-ups and it allows your body to build strength and stamina for normal push-ups.

Like push-ups this exercise also works the same set of muscles like shoulder, chest, arms and abs.

It provides a sort of advanced training for regular push-ups and prepares your body muscles.

Always use a mat or cushion under your knees while doing this exercise to support your knees, otherwise, this will put too much pressure on it.

Well, these are the 13 best and easiest exercises for obese beginners at home but I would like to explain some things before you start this exercise.

How To Start A Workout Routine When Overweight

When you have made up your mind to start working out and your goal is to get rid of the body fat!

It’s always better to have a clear idea about what you want from your workouts otherwise you can always find yourself with too much to do.

Most overweight people always tend to not start workout as they don’t get the right guidance and just join any gym.

Here are some important tips on how you can start exercising without getting into trouble:

  • It’s always good to warm up before jumping into the workout.
  • Working at home means you also need to have proper ventilation.
  • Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before you start exercising, as you won’t feel dehydrated.
  • Set a fixed time for your workout session as it will help you to focus on other activities also.
  • Try to do exercise with someone or in any group as it will make the workout more enjoyable and fun.
  • If you have any heart, joint, or back issues consult your health expert before starting exercise.

Overweight And Unfit Where Do I Start

It’s very to bog down when you are already overweight and find some unhealthy solutions o get rid of it.

And this where most of you guys fall into trap of overanalyzing and start buying and looking for shortcuts.

Shortcut means you are putting your health and body at risk without realizing it.

There are many health gurus and pundits who are just into selling you weight loss products or any pills.

So, Let’s take a look where do you can start-

  1. First start with simple workouts that require no equipment like plank, jumping jack, lunge, half-squats.
  2. Always keep your mind fresh before starting a workout session.
  3. Wear fit and well-cushioned shoes for exercise.
  4. Bodyweight exercises are great for beginners and obese people.
  5. Don’t expect quick results as any exercise takes time to show results.

Final Thoughts

Finally, these are the best exercise for obese beginners at home which any beginner can start following.

You just need the right mindset and a fixed set of workouts, in the beginning, to get things rolling smoothly.

Don’t jump onto anythign without consulting physio as it will reduce chances of getting iinjured.

If you want to add something do comment below.


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