Hello friends! I finally succeeded in fulfilling my dream of starting my blog. I always wanted to start it to express myself and share my experiences in the field of health, fitness, nutrition, diet & specially in weight-loss. 

I was always fascinated by health and fitness, and how I have always tended to neglect that aspect of my life. 

My goal here is to help everyone out there with my experience and knowledge about health and fitness. As a blogger, I am motivated to do something different in my life which can change or solve some of people problems. 

In the 21st century, the internet has provided people with many different opportunities.  

Finally I am glad that, now I can use this medium and help everyone and be helpful to all of my future readers and followers.


I will make sure you get the ultimate fitness/health level and get the perfect well-shaped body, which you always dreamed of. At HustlerBharatiye, I as a blogger and with what knowledge i have acquired in the fitness, health and  wellness will always be invested in what is happening around the world of health and fitness and try to present that information to you guys in a very lucid manner that serves the purpose of my readers. 

Here I will cover all the latest information from across the globe and especially from India,USA, UK etc. which include topics like How to lose weight naturally, weight-loss, build muscle, workouts, cardio workouts, home workouts, nutrition, important diet etc. I always consider the needs of my readers who want genuine content, and try to satisfy them in every possible way. My priority is to satisfy readers and give them solutions and answer to all of their problems.

At hustlerbharatiye:

I) I try to be as genuine as possible, and follow all the procedures correctly.
II) Create content that can be easily understood by readers, I try not to judge my readers and followers.
III) I am always ready to listen to the reader’s needs, and try to provide the needed content which solves their issues.
IV) Here I believe in diversity and try to cover all topics from across the globe.


HustlerBharatiye endeavours to be accurate in its blog and try to be as partial as possible, try to present the most detailed and advance level depth into our content. I aim to serve our readers and are always open for any suggestion or any feedback. 

I genuinely believe in keeping the faith of my readers intact at all times and are committed to provide those amazing content which really affect the readers. At HustlerBharatiye I am always motivated to provide the most genuine content from all the subject related to health and fitness. 

At HustlerBharatiye I believe in interacting with our readers and they can always share their views with me, which I appreciate. My different set of views are thoroughly researched and try to create content which is real.

HustlerBharatiye strives to verify and corroborate information via multiple sources whenever possible.