15 Best Workout To Get Ripped In 30 Days Without Even Going To Gym

Are you on a strict diet and looking for the best workout to get ripped in 30 days

Are you are a working professional, a housewife or have any family function or party to attend and want to dress your favourite party wear or suit. 

Well, don’t get disheartened, keep reading this article, I have got you covered with 15 amazing workouts which will help you shed those excess kilos in 30 days.

Weight loss is not an overnight thing most importantly if you are up for it and work it out in a smart way to supplement it with a healthy diet, well, you will lose that excess fat.

Here is what you are going to explore in this article-

  1. Cardio exercises
  2. Bodyweight exercises
  3. Strength exercises
  4. Flexibility exercises

Are you excited guys! Well, if you are let’s dive right in.

You all loved dancing and jumping in our childhood, isn’t it!

But as you became an adult, as a result, you tend to neglect those activities and it somehow became a burden.

Childhood activities turned into exercises after you became an adult so if you want to lose that fat you have to become that little child again. 

And don’t think exercises are hard and you don’t like doing it, because results will not be there for you.

Losing weight is not a myth, as many people have proven that in past and acquired the desired physique, but the only thing it requires is hard work and patience.

Are you a professional who doesn’t get time to workout or a housewife trying to get back that fit and fabulous body? 

Well, if your is YES then stick around to find some amazing workouts which will help to achieve that perfect healthy body.

How To Get Ripped In 30 Days Without Weights

How To Get Ripped In 30 Days Without Weights

Let me guess you are on a deadline to achieve that perfectly toned body and don’t want to join any gym, but want to burn that excess fat? Very interesting, let’s find out how you can achieve this feat.

For instance, you don’t have any magic wand as Harry Potter had, therefore you have to work harder to achieve a fit and strong body.

Later in this article, you will find I have assembled 15 great workouts that you can perform very easily and this will give you the desired body.

Workout without weight requires a combination of high-intensity, cardio, body-weight and full body exercises that gives strength, power increases flexibility and makes you more agile.

Workout without lifting weight requires more patience and dedication to get ripped in 30 days, exercise like cardio and bodyweight are high-intensity workouts and help to burn more calories in a short period.

Finally, if you are still pondering over how to get ripped in 30 days without weights, You really need to read the next section, let’s dive right in.

Cardio Exercises

If you are planning to lose weight in a short period you have to include cardio exercises as these are best for pumping oxygen to your heart and also increases your lungs capacity. 

Cardio is the best form of exercises you can perform easily at home or wherever you want to. The best thing about it is that it helps in strengthening overall body muscles and helps to tone them. 

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One of the simplest and funniest workout routines which you can follow and lose weight with. Dancing requires no equipment, nothing fancy, just do some physical moves and you are all set for a well-shaped and fit body.

It also works your whole body muscles and increases blood circulation, helps to enhance muscles strength and improves flexibility and stability.

Jumping jack

An awesome cardio workout which helps to burn maximum calories in a very short time. Good for beginners and people who don’t have time to go to the gym, even if you are a novice you can very easily start it.

For you guys just start performing it without any second thought and results will eventually come. Cardio workouts like jumping jack need consistency and patience, if you have it then you are on the right track.

Jumping jack is probably the best workout to get ripped in 30 days at that too is possible at home.

Jump Rope

The best cardio to do without any investment and works your whole body muscles in a very short time. Always ensure that you are using your wrists to turn the rope and not hands.

Jump rope looks very easy on the eyes but if you haven’t tried it for a long time, it will take some time and practice, but don’t worry about it. Once you master it, you are going to rock this workout.

Bodyweight Exercises

You all want to look good and have that well-toned body, but going to the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Well, you don’t need to go anywhere, bodyweight exercises help to make you stronger and also reduces body fat.

Your endurance, muscle strength and flexibility improves because this exercise constantly changes your body position and it does help to lose weight in 1 month.

Just remember that if you are diligently performing these exercises you are going to see the weight loss results.


This workout really pumps your heart and increases your breathing which helps in consuming maximum oxygen. If you are somebody who is overweight and finding it difficult to perform try to bend knee initially up to 45 degrees.

You won’t lose weight overnight and if you want to acquire well-toned body in 30 days. Squats are must for you as it burns maximum calories and fat.

Squats is a great exercise for people over 35 and helps the target of 30-day workout plan to get ripped with no equipment.

Mountain Climbers

You must have felt terrible seeing your big belly fat and felt helpless as to how you can burn fat. Mountain climber is great bodyweight workouts which target your core section and help to burn belly fat.

There is no single best workout to get ripped in 30 days, but it requires a different combination of workouts which works your overall body muscles.

Mountain climber is great for overweight people looking to shed excess fat under 30 days and also helps to strengthen back and thighs muscles.


I know most of you guys hate going to gym and lift dumbells but you still want to have a perfect ripped and toned body in 1 month then you have to include burpees in your workout regime.

Burpees is high intensity and best strength workout which targets almost every muscle, it helps bolster legs, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, and triceps muscles.

Burpees are the best workout to get ripped in 30 days, without any weights and not going to any GYM.

Try to avoid burpee if you have back pain or consult your physio before jumping on this exercise, and for the beginners try to do 5-6 burpee initially and once your body gets used to it, you can increase it to 12-15 times in one set.

Strength Exercises

You always misinterpreted weight loss with losing fat only, but you also have to make sure you are increasing your muscle strength along with it.

If you are only focusing on losing fat and trying all different workouts then your body will not last for long and you will be prone to burnout and get tired very easily.

Strength exercises provide your body that extra kick and endurance to last long and maintain strong and healthy muscles to work for long periods.

Getting ripped body in 30 days is great but you have to keep your muscles strength also, you don’t want to miss this next part, best strength exercises which will come in handy.

Stair Climbing

Most common things in our surroundings can be very useful if you are looking closely, like your apartment stairs! yes, it can be for shedding those excess kilos.

People avoid climbing on stairs because they only use lifts. But you can use stairs and increase your body strength, tone leg muscles and improve your lungs also.

Stair climbing can help you intake maximum oxygen and increase blood circulation in your body.

It will increase your stamina, endurance and lower body strength most importantly it targets thighs, hamstrings, and core muscles.

If your goal is to lose weight at home then stair climbing is the best workout to get ripped in 30 days.


A classic strength exercise, cycling boosts and enhances your stamina, flexibility, endurance and power.

You must have ride bicycle in your childhood, well try it again to achieve that ripped body, if you are cycling for 1 month diligently and are performing all the above exercises, you will achieve that ripped physique in 30 days.

It targets hamstring, thighs, glutes, abdominal muscles and builds strong lower body and improves flexibility.


Above all, when your target is to achieve a well-toned physique under 30 days, building strength should be part of that goal.

Push-ups provide your body strength and power which helps your upper body muscle group.

Start by 10-15 push-ups if you are a beginner and later increase it to 40-50 repetitions per set.

It provides strength, power and targets your upper chest, back and shoulder muscles.

Flexibility Exercises

A lot of you are mostly working people, over 35-year-old or maybe housewives and you don’t get time to maintain your fitness.

If you have made up your mind to lose weight then the first thing is to make sure you are losing it naturally by building strength and flexibility.

A flexible body is important for working efficiently in this day and age, you don’t want to fall behind at any stage in your life.

In the next section, you will find out some best exercises which improve your flexibility and makes your body more agile.

Hamstring Stretch

The hamstring muscle is a very delicate part of your body, it is very easily susceptible to any kind of injury, to make sure it sustains for a long time you have to perform some stretching exercises.

In this exercise, you will just perform a basic exercise which will help to improve your hamstring muscles strength and will make it more sturdy.

Reduces any strain, as a result, relaxes hamstrings muscles right before a high-intensity workout and is also a great warm-up exercise.

If you are really serious about losing weight in one month, most importantly hamstring stretching is the best workout to lose in 30 days.

Calf Stretch

I’m sure you’re with me on this one that many people often neglect their lower body while workout.

From my experience, it is always important to have a strong lower body foundation before jumping on any tedious training routine.

Muscles like calf require special workout as they are very difficult to build and to make it strong you have to be regular in it.

Calf stretching is a great workout that strengthens and improves your leg and calf muscles, basically made up of two muscles i.e gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.

Back and Shoulder Stretch

Whenever you are planning any weight loss regime make sure to add workout which helps to improve and relax your body muscles and prepare them for high-intensity workouts.

back and shoulder stretch exercise is just simple stretching which relaxes your back and shoulder muscles and eases the tension from it.

Your back and shoulder is a very important part of your body if you are working out to lose weight and that too in 30 days you have to perform these workouts.

In every exercise back and shoulder muscles are used, so stretching also acts as a warm-up for your body.

The Science Behind Weight Loss

Here you are, are you satisfied with the above great set of workouts to shed excess fat in 30 days, I hope you are!

But how your body burns the fat and how it will tone your muscles is the real question you should be asking?

The exact science behind weight loss has been answered by health experts and physiotherapists although according to my research weight loss means you are simply burning more calories than you are consuming.

You burn the calories by exercising and controlled diet, but by performing workout only, you will never be able to lose weight.

Factors Responsible For Losing Weight

Losing weight not just means burning more calories, working hard in the gym and at home, there’s more to it.

One of the many reasons why most of you guys are not able to attain toned body is that your only focus is on the workouts and setting a target which your body is not capable of achieving in a short period.

  • Don’t do all the exercises daily, try to mix them up and work one body part per day to get the maximum out of it.
  • Consult your dietician or any health expert and prepare a diet plan to supplement your workout regime.
  • Don’t get into any kind of supplement to lose weight.
  • Consistency is the key to weight loss, keep yourself motivated all the time by mixing your workouts or changing the timings.
  • Warm-up is necessary before a workout, in addition, drink water 30 minutes before you start a workout to keep remain hydrated.

The Bottom Line

I hope now you are ready to give it all and accomplish toned body in 1 month.

To sum up, I tried to provide the best workout to get ripped in 30 days and will help you attain a fit, strong and healthy body.

If you found this article helpful do share it with your friends, family and din your community.

If there is anything you would like to add feel free to comment below.


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