Does Walking Reduce Thigh Size: Expectations vs. Reality

does walking reduce thigh size

Does walking reduce thigh size?

Tired of chubby and bulging thighs that makes your normal day-to-day activities a nightmare?

Are you looking to get rid of those massive fat stored in thighs?

Tried a ton of different workouts in the gym to shed thighs fat! But still didn’t lose an inch!

Walking 40 minutes at a brisk pace per day reduces the risk of stroke and lowers blood pressure levels. It strengthens leg muscles like the quad, hamstrings, glutes, and adductor muscles in your thigh. Also, it tones thighs, calves, and other lower body muscles.

In this article, you will understand exactly how walking can help to tone thighs and what are the benefits it provides to your overall health also.

If you are ready then let’s jump right in…

Walking Exercise

When you are looking to tone your leg muscles or thighs, walking can do wonders for your whole body and will help to burn calories.

The best part about walking is that it works your glutes, hamstrings, joints, and calves muscles.

People who don’t like gym or weight training find it relatively easy to walk daily.

It’s great for thighs as when you walk a little bit faster, it creates a lot of tension in thighs region.

Overweight Females or male having high fat in thighs can gain a lot out of walking.

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How Walking Trims Thighs Fat

Walking is also a great form of cardio, which not only improves overall health but also tones your leg muscles like thighs and calves.

Many people started walking but they didn’t continue it for longer to reap benefits out of it.

By making a few tweaks in your walking routine you can achieve well toned thighs muscles!

Let’s find out some walking forms that helps in toning thighs-

1.Walking On Uneven Ground:

When you walk on a normal or flat surface it works your overall body muscles.

But walking on uneven ground uses specific muscles in legs and burns calories.

Muscles like thighs, calves feel more tension and it also strengthens these muscles.

2.Changing Direction Of Walking:

If you get any chance to walk on different fields or terrain, it can be best for you.

When you change direction or speed while walking it can help to work on different sessions of muscles.

Muscles like thighs require different sets of workouts and patterns that help it.

Adductors are present in the inner thighs which are very difficult to work up but by changing walking direction or pattern you can create enough tension on it.

3.Lifting Your Legs:

You can also try to lift legs while walking every day, lifting legs will work on your inner thighs.

It will help to tighten inner thighs and glutes which is important to attain toned leg muscles.

4.Stairs Climbing

A perfect way to tone thighs, calves and strengthen joint muscles.

It increases your breathing and oxygen intake also increases during stair climbing.

But avoid it if you have sore joints or any kind breathing problems.

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Effects Of Walking On Thighs

Effects Of Walking On Thighs

Walking for health and fitness is vital for not only weight loss but it can prove a real lifesaver in the long run.

Mainly it works on your body muscles like thighs, glutes, improves hamstrings, and even joints.

When you are walking every day for 30-40 minutes at a moderate to brisk speed, it increases heart rate and breathing reaches 50-60% of normal levels.

So, how does walking slim thighs?

  • By walking at a speed of 3.72 mph (6 km/h) for 40-50 minutes you can burn fat and calories stored in your thighs.
  • Walking 1 hour daily increases chances of fat burn and walking helps to burn fat, not muscle.
  • Brisk walking for 30 minutes daily also improves your metabolism, which means it can better manage your calories when your body is at rest.
  • A form of cardio, walking works your lower body muscles and controls high blood pressure.

Does Walking Reduce Hips And Thighs

Losing fat from thighs or hips is very difficult especially in the female body.

Thighs contain the most fat of your body and when you are not active physically you gain more fat in your thighs.

There are some workouts that are helpful in shedding excess fat from thighs and hips, but walking is the most common form of workout people go for.

Many people neglect their lower body while exercising and focus only on the upper body.

This makes the lower body susceptible to injury and also weakens lower body muscles.

So, how to reduce thigh fat at home or by walking?

  • To reduce fat from thighs, you have to try different walking variations.
  • Don’t stick to a single walking pattern, try to increase your walking speed after 30 minutes onwards.
  • You can do squats or knee-highs with walking as it can give you results much faster.
  • Walking against gravity like on a hill will also target your thighs and hips muscles.
  • If you are overweight try to go for long distances once you are comfortable walking per day.

Health Benefits Of Walking

The best thing about walking is that everyone can start doing it even when you are not physically strong.

Many health experts suggest walking as a great aerobic or cardio exercise.

It improves lungs, heart and reduces the risk of cholesterol, high blood pressure.

Here are some amazing benefits of walking 30 minutes daily-

  • Strength of muscles and endurance improves by walking.
  • Minimizes risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases.
  • Improves flexibility, balance, and overall strength of the lower body.
  • Improves lungs, heart, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Walking enhances the functioning of joints, calves, hamstrings muscles.
  • Also, helps to boost the immune system by walking 30-40 minutes daily.

More Info: According to the British Journal Of Sports Medicine-Upper respiratory tract infection is reduced in fit & Active person

FAQs: Does Walking Reduce Thigh Size

Does walking reduce inner thigh fat?

Walking not only reduces thighs but the whole area around your thighs like the inner, middle, and lower thighs region.

Inner thighs are made up of adductor longus, adductor Magnus, adductor brevis, gracilis, and pectineus five muscles.

These inner thigh muscles help in walking, they are also called assistants because these muscles hip adduction is the primary work they perform.

And walking helps to tone and strengthen the inner muscles.

How long does it take to lose thigh fat by walking?

According to Health Harvard Publishing, when a 155-pound weighing person walking at speed of 4 mph (15 min/miles) performs 30 minutes of walking per day will burn 175 calories.

Therefore walking for 60 minutes every day you can very easily burn around 300 calories per day and this will reduce the thighs fat also.

Final Thoughts

Reducing thigh size depends on how long you are walking per day! If you are able to walk at a brisk pace for 1 hour.

You can very easily burn fat stored in your thigh and overall body.

So, how does walking reduce thigh size totally depends on your walking duration and how consistent you in it.

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