Want To Be Amazing At Walking Plan To Lose Weight? Here’s How

Not finding the motivation to lose weight! or don’t know how to go about it? and which exercise or workout to start with? Don’t worry your search ends here.

Alright, if you are pondering over all those questions, the answer is you can shed those extra pounds, by following a simple exercise i.e “Walking”.

Walking is considered to be the best exercise for weight loss, and for all types of people, but still you are not able to benefit from it. 

According to WHOMore than 80% of the world’s adolescent population is insufficiently physically active .

Also See: https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/physical-activity

Here we are sharing with you a walking plan to lose weight, which will give you a kickstart and motivation to lose weight.

You are going to know about all the different types of benefits of walking, its effect on or body, a walking plan which you can easily follow. 

So let’s dive in, aren’t you excited?

Walking as an exercise

It is an aerobic exercise, great for all the large muscles in our body, and also gives a great working to our heart and lungs. The overall benefits of walking are insane and it is very easy to start.

Walking as an exercise is an exciting way, if you are looking for weight loss exercise and are really obese then this is the best exercise to start with.

The most important thing it requires is hard work, dedication, and whether you are regular or not. One of the easiest exercises, which gives you a result.

Now, lets take a look at different variation in walking…

Different Walking Variations

You won’t get bored by walking as there are quite different variations in it, which makes it even more interesting and exciting to perform.

It is a great cardio exercise, which improves mood, mental health, also sleeping patterns.

Let’s find out all the variations-

Brisk Walking

It is a term which basically means that either your walking speed is a bit fast or slow according to your fitness level.

Brisk walking is measure by “steps per minute” if you are going at 100 steps per minute then it is considered to be moderate or brisk walking.

Many fitness experts say that 3 to 3.5 miles per hour are considered to be the pace that is suitable for any person who is not exercising regularly.

what is brisk walking

This speed is also considered to be fine if you are walking on a treadmill. But if you are walking regularly outside, then 3 to 4.5 miles per hour speed is also considered fine.

This means you have to say something clearly and speak a sentence without losing your breath. Because walking at that pace, your breathing increases, that is considered hard to speak something.

It burns more calories because your heart is pumping faster, and increases your chances of living longer.

Power Walking

Power here literally means addition of speed, it is a little bit faster than brisk walking.

This is slightly short of jog and uses your hand’s swings and legs movement to create cardiovascular endurance which builds total-body strength.

Also, power walking is a great exercise for your joints health and tones your muscles.


  1. Standing straight keep your elbows at 90 degrees and move them up towards your chin.
  2. Then pull your arms back and take them behind your back.
  3. Moving both arms, move forward at your normal speed and keep moving your arms quickly back and forth.
  4. Try to match the arms speed with your leg’s speed.

Race Walking

A slightly faster form of walking basically it is a pro-level racing, which is organized in the Olympic competition.

In this race, one foot must remain at the ground while the other leg should not be touching the ground, and you cannot bend your knee while racing otherwise you will be disqualified.

The body lands mostly on the heels on the ground, and arm swings really help to improve shoulders and back muscles. It is a great workout for the upper and lower body.

Race walking is a high-intensity workout that burns calories in a very short time. It is evenly effective, as is running for losing weight.

CHI Walking

This is a unique type of walking that improves your postures, strengthens the core muscles, releases tension from the muscles, and focuses mainly on the form.

Chi walking derives its attributes from the old-practice of Tai-Chi, which explores the spirituality of body, mind, and soul.

Also See: https://chirunning.com/chiwalking/walking-technique/

Nordic Pole Walking

This form of exercise originated from Finland, it uses almost 80% of your body muscles when you are performing correctly.

It is a great exercise for upper and lower body muscles, as chest, triceps, biceps, abdominal, and shoulder muscles all get a workout.

The movement in nordic pole walking is similar to cross-country skiing, and it is brisk or power walking.

It also improves cardio-respiratory fitness, your balance, and reduces neck pain.

Also See: https://www.americannordicwalking.com/blog/2017/3/4/eo4yagte05ql8orxo5vnti12ze0d3n

Marathon Walking

It is a form of the marathon which is similar to the running marathon where you compete for 26.2 miles or 42.19 km by walking.

You have to build your stamina and muscles way before the actual marathon is scheduled.

The whole marathon walking needs to be completed under 6 hours but to get more participants, they sometimes increase the time-limit to 8 hours also.

Well, this walking is advisable only if you have built strong stamina and strength in your body and legs, and have experience of going for long-distance walking.

Get excited, Now your favourite part is coming i.e the benefits of walking…

Benefits of Walking For Weight Loss

Walking is really great for your overall fitness of the body and helps burn down calories, which helps in losing weight.

If you are considering starting it, then I can 100% say that “you will get the result”, but you have to be consistent in it.

Everyone likes to know the benefits of walking for weight loss, most of you guys already know everything, but still not get the result, or maybe you never tried it the way you should have been! 

benefits of walking for weight loss

Now let’s see what are the benefits of walking-

  • Walking reduces your stress levels and improves your mood.
  • After walking for 25-30 minutes you will feel fully energized and fresh ideas and thoughts fill your mind.
  • Improves your concentration level.
  • If you have fat around your belly area then you are prone to type-2 diabetes, a 30-minute walk can reduce that risk.
  • When you lose weight or burn calories, you lose some of your muscles, walking can also reduce that. 
  • Regular walking also helps you burn more calories daily and get lean muscles.

In next section you will get important tips before starting your walking…

Walking for weight loss tips

Any exercise requires consistency, and walking is no different but you can’t overdo any exercise. As it can have negative effects on your body.

Walking just 10,000 steps per day can boost your health and reduces the chances of all diseases like diabetes, obesity, High B.P, depression, etc.

Here are some walking for weight loss tips

  • Start with finding a correct pair of shoes for yourself, as you don’t want to hurt your feet and legs initially.
  • Always start walking on a flat surface.
  • Don’t start at a fast pace at the start, increase your speed after 10-15 minutes.
  • Try to go for walking after you woke in the morning, as you can burn more calories because at that time your body takes energy from your body fat.
  • After 1 week you can start walking at a brisk pace from the start.
  • Varying your walking speed is also necessary if you are going for a 1-hour walk.
  • Swinging your arms while walking is important to lose 10-15 calories more as it also strengthens the upper body.
  • It’s also important to change your terrain after you have started walking, like grass surface, sand-based surface, walking on different surfaces burns more calories.
  • Incorporate walking into your lifestyle as it is a necessity that you can’t live without.
  • Keep track of your walking, as this will help you understand the effects and analyzing your calorie level. 
walking for weight loss tips

Do you know What is BMI? Lets jump into it…

Walking Plan According To BMI Calculator

If you have started walking and trying to calculate your calories and with other apps or devices, simultaneously its also important to calculate your actual “Body Mass Index”.

Its a measurement of a person’s weight with respect to his height.

Which is an important factor if you are looking for fat loss. The body fat in Normal Male is 10-18% and for females is 18-25% of total body weight.

Walking Plan According To BMI Calculator

BMI Formula :

BMI = Kg/m²

Where Kg= Weight of the person in kilograms, m= Height of the person in metres square.

Also See: https://www.diabetes.ca/managing-my-diabetes/tools—resources/body-mass-index-(bmi)-calculator

With this formula, you can easily calculate whether you are overweight or not and, plan your walking according to it.

For a perfect walking plan according to BMI calculator first, you need to understand, a BMI range of 25-30 indicates that you are overweight and immediately you should start working on reducing that fat level.

This is really simple to calculate and you don’t need to be a scientist to calculate it, this formula is accepted worldwide, so you can trust it and just start your walking.

Below you will get an 8-week walking plan chart, designed just for you…

8-Week Walking Plan To Lose Weight

Consistency is the key to getting results, as you have decided to lose weight by walking so you must be very serious about it! aren’t you?

So, here is an 8-week walking plan to lose weight that you can follow and set-aside all your excuses to push yourself to the extreme limit.

WeekWalking ScheduleSpeed (In Miles/hour)Duration (In Minutes)Intensity
1Morning2.0 to 2.515Easy
2Morning2.0 to 3.020Easy-Moderate
3Morning2.5 to 3.530Moderate-Easy
4Morning3.0 to 3.530Moderate-Brisk
5Morning3.5 to 4.035Brisk-Easy-Moderate
6Morning3.9 to 4.545Moderate-Easy-Brisk
7Morning4.0 to 4.550Brisk-Easy-Brisk-Moderate
8Morning2.5 to 4.560Easy-Brisk-Moderate-Brisk
8-Week Walking Plan To Lose Weight

This walking is designed for all of you people who are looking to shed those extra kilos, you can first check your BMI ratio from the above link.

And then start a walking plan according to it, you can also walk in the evenings but it’s beneficial to go in the morning.

Moving on, let’s find out what are the apps available for weight loss…

Walking Plan To Lose Weight App

Technology has enhanced our lives in almost every sphere of work, family, health, etc. You can use it to benefit yourself like using an app for walking.

Which will give you details about your walking patterns, will count your steps, will also monitor your heart rate. These days we can’t live without all those tech gadgets, its like air for us.

Here are a few apps which will benefit in your walking plan to lose weight app, lets check them-

Map My Walk
  • This is available on both Apple and Google Play.
  • It shows you a map of the area where you are walking and shows red mark the route which you are following.
  • Map my walk also shows distance covered, speed, total time, calories burnt, etc.
  • App connects with most of the smart-watches, fitness watches, fitness trackers, and you can connect with other fitness walkers in your area.
Walkmeter By Abvio
  • This app improves walking speed and distance.
  • It uses GPS to track your distance.
  • The in-built audio notifies you about your walking stats.
  • Walkmeter By Abvio shows distance, speed, calories burnt, available on both Apple & Google Play.
Argus By Azumio
  • Great app for tracking day-to-day activities.
  • Uses motion-sensor and GPS in your to track movements, distance, speed, time.
  • Argus By Azumio has a built-in heart rate monitor.
  • Also has a food-diary,sleep-timer, and can be installed on Andoird & iOS.
  • It’s like a personal trainer app that has different exercise modes walking, hiking, treadmill exercise.
  • Endomondo gives all the stats like speed, distance, duration, calories, etc.
  • Can also connect with fellow endomondo app users, available on both Android & iOS.

These are the top 4 apps used worldwide and its user experience is great. You can easily download them and find all the details about your walking, and maximize them to lose weight.

Moving on, lets take some FAQ asked on the web…

Walking Plan To Lose Weight: FAQs

Can I lose weight by walking 30 minutes every day?

100%, you can lose weight by walking, but you should be doing it regularly. Any exercise demands consistency and patience, which give results in the long-run.

Walking for 30-40 minutes is an ideal duration for all-group to lose weight, there should be variation in speed which will make your walking, a lot more interesting and you will no get bored or tired.

Results have shown that walking is even better than running in losing weight. It burns more calories, in a more easy way as compared to running.

Can you lose belly fat by walking?

While most of the exercises reduce belly fat and walking is not any different, but its best in terms of performing, because it’s very easy to follow walking habits and start it anytime you want.

It does not require any new equipment, clothing or you don’t have to change anything for it. Walking for 40-45 minutes really engages your core and tones the abdominal muscles which help in reducing belly fat.

Its an overall body exercise that is not dedicated to any single body part muscles. If you have huge fat stored around the waist and belly area, then you are at risk of many life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart-related disease.

Is walking better than running?

It’s not fair to say that one is better than another, but both of them offer great results. Running helps in losing weight a little faster than walking, though walking has also many other benefits.

Like walking is relatively easy for age-group to perform compared to running, where you will find it difficult to run as you grow older.

Walking 30-40 minutes daily improves our mood, helps in better sleep, gives peace to the mind, burns calories around 150-200 calories a day.

Therefore to ask is walking better than running? is not right as both of them are cardiovascular exercises which give different results.

What is a good distance to walk every day?

Well according to WHO walking around 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day is really beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes, heart-related problems.

You can also compare it with walking 40-45 minutes daily, then you are already covering those 8,000 steps.

If you are suffering from obesity then its a must for you immediately start walking and try to include it in your daily lifestyle.

The Bottomline

At last, after going through all the above benefits and the importance of the walking plan to lose weight, you must be wondering this guy gave us a hectic task to do? You must be thinking it’s not possible for you!

Thinking like one of those people? then just remember what you actually wanted to achieve and why you read this article in the first place?

Deep down, if you know the answer then you are on right track, and you just have to follow it. If you still have any queries do comment, and share this article with your family and friends.

Just go for it, even you think you are up against Goliath , may be you will lose, but you will become Gallant Warrior.

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