13 Best Exercises To Do Every Day To Lose Weight

Just imagine you are at home performing your daily workout and feeling it as just another routine workout, but what if in reality you are really enjoying your exercises to do every day to lose weight!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience something like that! Well, it’s definitely possible!

In this article, I am sharing the top 13 workouts which are super easy and can be fun to perform and your weight loss journey will be more enjoyable. 

Any exercise which is performed every day to reach weight loss target has to be easy and should help you burn maximum calories.

Let’s dive right in.

You must have felt oh god! “the same workout I have to perform today again”. Let’s just be realistic here, no one likes to go to the gym and workout daily without any motivation?

But there has to be something that’s driving you so that you perform workouts without getting bored or bogged down by sheer hard work and dedication the weight loss exercise demands.

Well, in that case, you do need a set of exercises which can be performed easily and gives you some kind of satisfaction and enjoyment also.

Let’s begin exploring these amazing exercises-

1. Jumping jacks

Fastest weight loss exercise

One of the simplest and easiest exercises which can be performed by a novice also.

The thing about jumping jacks is that it’s a sort of cardio exercise, which works your overall body muscles and really helps to increase blood circulation and gives your mind and body a sense of refreshment.

It’s an everyday exercise that helps in weight loss, tone your leg muscles and upper body section.

You can take a little bit of precaution if you are a little bit overweight and just do a slower version of jumping jacks initially to reduce chances of any injury. Jumping jacks are the best exercise to lose weight at home.

How To Do :

  1. First, stand upright with both legs together and keep your hands close to your thighs.
  2. Now jump in air keeping legs apart at shoulder width and take your hands over your head, touch both your hands or clap. And come back to the original position.
  3. Then repeat the step depending on the number of repetitions you want to do


This one is the most common and effective workout if you want to increase your shoulder, chest and triceps strength.

Push-ups is a great body-weight exercise which helps to build strong upper chest and shoulders muscles.

Never have to leave your house for this exercise you can very easily perform it at any corner of your house! and push-ups are also known as great exercises to lose weight fast at home.

How To Do :

  1. First, lower your body and make your body parallel to the floor.
  2. Then lift your body through all your fours i.e arms and feet, and hold your body.
  3. After that go down with twisting your arms while your chest touching the floor.
  4. Then again lift your body up to the same position and repeat the same process.


Just walk and you will lose weight it’s that easy, yes it is! Many people consider walking as not good for weight loss, but in reality, it’s much better than running or any other high-intensity exercises.

Though it does take time to show the weight loss result, 20-30 minutes of daily walking can improve your mood, blood circulation and increase your strength of overall body muscles.

Females who don’t get time or mom’s over 30 who are busy in their household chores will find most out of this as it is the best exercise for weight loss at home for female.

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4.Stair climbing

Don’t look at your apartment stairs as your enemy, it can become your real saviour in the weight loss journey!

Stair climbing only strengthens your leg muscles and improves your lungs capacity, but also tones abdominal and thighs muscles.

Just 10-15 minutes of climbing stairs will burn around 400-500 calories very easily and it is very also to perform as you don’t have to go to any gym. Stair climbing is the best exercises to do every day to lose weight at home.


Exercises to do everyday to lose weight at home

A great bodyweight exercise which works your glutes, quads, hamstrings and abdominal muscles.

Including squats in your daily exercises regime is great for weight loss, can be a little difficult for a beginner initially but, after 4-5 days your body will get used to it.

It’s a great workout for men and women over 30 as it helps them to burn fat and build strong legs and muscles.

How To Do :

  1. Stand very straight and facing forward with chest up.
  2. Keep your feet at a shoulder distance and lift your hands up in front of your chest to balance your body.
  3. Then start going down while keeping your back straight and butt squeezed out. Just imagine your self sitting in a car while you go down.
  4. Go down as low as you can and then come back to the standing position again.


If you are a beginner you will find it a little tough initially but after 5-6 days your body will get used to this amazing exercise.

Burpees burns fat and keeps your body in shape, great for losing fat from the waist and thighs region. It is also the best and great bodyweight exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment.

Don’t worry if you are a little heavy just follow the steps correctly and you will get good at it. Mixing different workouts regularly is the key to weight loss in a short period.

How To Do :

  1. Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart and then get in the position of the squat.
  2. Then squat down and touch the floor with your hands.
  3. And then step back into a plank, step the feet forward again into a squat position.
  4. Then stand back up to the starting position.
  5. And then repeat this process.


Shedding that fluffy excess fat around the waist and tummy region are the hardest thing, that’s why leg-raise comes in handy.

It helps to burn and tone abdominal muscles, thighs, and strengthen back. You will struggle to do it properly if this is your first try, for that you can raise your leg up to 45 degrees from the ground.

This will help you to familiarise your body muscles by this exercise.

How To Do :

  1. Lie on your back straight, on the floor.
  2. Keep both legs very close to each other, while holding it straight. Start lifting them towards the ceiling.
  3. While holding it straight make 90 degrees with the floor.
  4. And come back to the original position and repeat this process.

8.Mountain climbers

Exercises to lose weight fast at home

In this exercise although you are not climbing a mountain! your body will feel almost the same amount of pressure.

Abdominal muscles are not easy to work but mountain climbers help in toning and strengthening those muscles.

Works your back, quads, glutes, and hamstrings also. Great overall body exercise which must be included in your daily exercise routine.

How To Do :

  1. First, go into the plank position and try to straighten your back, hips.
  2. Then try to squeeze pressure around your abs and maintain that position.
  3. After this pull your left leg up to your chest while remaining in the plank position.
  4. Then take back your leg to the original position and pull the right leg up to your chest.
  5. And repeat the same steps alternatively.


They are super-powerful abs toning exercises which help to strengthen your back muscles also. If losing weight is your main motto then planks are the best exercises to perform everyday to lose weight.

Plank creates tremendous pressure on your abdominal muscles and on the back also, which helps to burn fat in a very short time.

This is a must workout to include in your everyday exercise regime as it works your spine, quads, rhomboids and trapezius.

How To Do :

  1. It’s similar to the regular push-up in which we lie down parallel to the floor, with our arms and feet touching the floor.
  2. But here the difference is that we have to keep our hands to the ground with our elbows touching the floor.
  3. Our toes touching the floor and we try to hold that position as long as our set demands.

10.Bicycle crunches

These exercises are also great for men and women over 30, as it helps them to burn fat stored around their waist and belly area.

Most of these age groups often don’t get time to work out or go to the gym, so they neglect their health and don’t try to improve their body.

Bicycle crunches will help them to solve their weight loss problem and can be very easily performed at home every day.

How To Do :

  • Lie down flat on the floor facing the fan, then take your arms behind your ears and hold your head from the side gently.
  • Then lift your right leg and bend the knee.
  • Now straighten your right leg about 45 degrees to the floor, push it towards your chest and try to touch it with your right elbow.
  • Repeat the same process with the left leg and continue the repetitions.

11.Jumping Lunges

A great lower body exercise which works on your quadriceps muscles in your thighs and glutes in your hip and butt.

Jumping lunges is also a great warm-up and cardiovascular exercise which helps to tone lower body muscles and burn excess fat. This exercise is great for men and women over 30 who don’t have time and are busy in their professional lives. It is the best exercises to do every day to lose weight and it requires no equipment, just 5-10 minutes of daily exercise.

How To Do :

  1. Stand straight with your feet at a shoulder-length apart.
  2. Then lunge forward with your right leg and bent it makes 90 degrees with the ground.
  3. Keeping your back and chest straight, jump straight up so that both your feet don’t touch the floor.
  4. You can swing your arms in front of your chest to keep the momentum going.
  5. After that, switch your position with your left leg and repeat this process alternatively.


It mainly targets the lower leg muscles like calves, glute muscles. It targets the gastrocnemius muscle which forms the calf’s rounded shape.

This exercise increases the calves muscle strength, the soleus muscle in the lower leg also gets strength from calf-raise exercise.

How To Do :

  1. Start with the standing position in which the feet are separated at hip-width.
  2. You can keep your arms at your waist.
  3. Then lift your legs and try to stand on your toes, then go back to the original position.
  4. And come back to the same position and repeat the same process.

13.Boat pose

It is a form of Yoga and is known as Paripurna navasana, strength to your hip-flexors and abdomen muscles.

Boat pose helps to stretch your hamstrings, helps in balancing and digestion also. A great exercise for shedding excess fat at home and can be performed daily.

How To Do :

  • Lie down on the floor, and then lift your upper body i.e shoulders and back from the floor, and make 45 degrees angles with the floor.
  • Then lift your legs up and make sure they are straight, keep the body part below knee parallel to the floor, and lean slightly back.
  • And lift your palms slightly off the floor and try to hold this position. Repeat with the other leg.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s quite a list of exercises to do every day to lose weight. I hope you will find these exercises really helpful.

Without sacrificing your precious energy and time you will not lose weight. So just do these amazing exercises and experience the difference over 15-20 days.

Let me know if there are other different workouts which you can perform daily to lose weight in the comments section below.


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