10 Effective Exercises for Weight Loss at Home For Females

Its always been a headache for many of us on how to find that perfect exercise for weight loss at home and is it possible to lose weight without going to the gym?

Even after finding that, you somehow fell short and were not able to stay committed to your goal of weight loss.

Its very natural to not follow the routine which will ultimately give us the result, but we always make it difficult by our negligence and laziness. Going to the gym is very boring sometimes and finding the time for it is also a big concern sometimes.

Especially for women or mothers who never get the time to take care of themselves, always busy taking care of their families, husbands, children.

These exercises are specially designed thinking about their problems and it’s devoted to them. And it can do wonders for them in a very short time.

According to WHO :

For additional health benefits, adults should increase their moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity to 300 minutes per week, or engage in 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity “.

Also See https://www.who.int/dietphysicalactivity/factsheet_adults/en/

Here we will try to end your search for a perfect combination of exercises for weight loss at home without any equipment. These exercises can be performed very easily at home by anyone.

It is a combination of simple yoga and regular exercises which will be very easy for working professionals also.

Weight Loss: Expectation Vs. Reality

The 21st century has changed life so much that everyone is suffering from it mentally, physically, and emotionally. Therefore staying fit and taking ourselves is the most important factor in our lives.

We all want to lose weight but, we are always finding shortcuts like finding the best exercises to lose weight fast and always looking for excuses to try to avoid a workout.

Well to be honest there is no secret here, everyone knows how to lose weight, there are numerous blogs and videos which are already there. But still, there are a lot of problems regarding weight loss which are not resolved.


  • The first one is that after starting the exercise we will lose weight in 25 days.
  • If we go to the gym we will get a fast result.
  • They are always looking for the fastest weight loss exercise.
  • Losing weight looks very promising in the beginning but without really putting extra effort no result is possible.


  • Well in reality it’s not possible to lose weight in 25 days as it depends on a lot of factors such as weight, height, BMI, etc.
  • By only going to the gym someone is not going to lose your weight, your workout should be regular and result oriented.
  • By looking only at shortcut methods on how to lose weight fast is never going to solve the problem.
  • In the beginning, everything looks very bright but you have to be consistent in it. Exercise also demands all these things to get a result.

Types Of Exercise


It is the simplest and most powerful exercise considered for weight loss. It is extremely easy for beginners and it is also helpful for heart patients.

Going for walk in the morning or in the evening for 30 minutes is really great exercise for weight loss at home for females.

# If you are sitting daily at a desk job and do not get sufficient time for exercise this can be a very effective way to relax your body and get the blood circulation going.

# The benefit of this exercise is that it improves blood circulation, enhances mood, helps in weight loss.

# Doing this daily also helps to strengthen your muscles and supports joints.

Surya Namaskara

Yoga is a great exercise to lose weight naturally but it takes time to give results because it is very simple to perform. It helps to improve athletic health, improves respiration, flexibility.

best exercises to lose weight fast

# Surya Namaskara is one of the form of Yoga, it is very helpful in weight loss, burns more calories.

# It also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, tones muscles, improves hair and skin quality.

There are other forms of Yoga also but Surya Namaskara is the one which can performed easily.

Cardio Activities

This is the best high-intensity exercise for weight loss at home for females. Stair climbing, running (moderate speed), Jumping rope is some of the cardio exercises which can be performed at home.

# Cardio exercises has many important factors like, it lowers the stress levels, enhances the sexual life. These are best exercises for fat loss.

# Jumping jacks, squats exercises are great for weight loss they build overall body muscles and strengthen the joints and glutes.

Butt Kicks

It is also a type of cardiovascular exercise that burns calories, helps to reduce fat. It is also the best warm-up exercise before starting any workout.

# This exercise is very powerful for hamstring and glutes muscles strength.

# It a very helpful exercise for runners as it helps to increase the hamstring contractions by which they can run faster.

Mountain Climbers

This is a very popular exercise for shedding excess fat around the waist area, strengthening core, shoulders, hips, and it is also a cardiovascular exercise.

# This is a great exercise for overall strengthening of the body.

# Which helps in increasing the blood circulation which is good for the lungs and for respiration.

# Mountain climbers is the best exercise in terms of cardio endurance, agility, core strength.

Side Lunges

These are great lower body exercises which can strengthen your legs, it works on hamstrings, glutes, quads.

# Lunges are best for inner and outer thighs, it strengthens and tones that part of the leg.

# It strengthens the back and core muscles and improves the overall posture of our body.

Also See https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/best-weight-loss-exercises-you-can-try/

Knee High

This is also a great workout for lower body strength. It strengthens hip flexors and leg muscles.

# It strengthens the core and abdominal muscles.

# This is also a type of cardiovascular exercise which helps to improve the metabolism of our body.

Chair Pose

It is also one form of Yoga which is a great exercise for overall body strength and the core. This exercise helps in improving the strength of arms and legs. It is also known as Utkatasana.

# This pose helps to stretch chest and shoulders muscles.

# Improves body balance, strengthens the ankles which is considered good for athletes.


This exercise is also known as isometric core strength exercise which is somewhat similar to a push-up, but in this exercise, we try to hold the same for as long our set demands.

# The first benefit you get is your back and spine are worked out really well, which helps in getting better posture of your body.

# Plank strengthens your abdominal and rhomboids muscles.

Bicycle Crunches

This exercise really focuses on the abdomen muscles and on your hip muscles. It is a really helpful exercise for fat loss. Helps in the pumping of abs and making them stronger.

# Main muscles which works during this exercise are rectus abdominus, obliques, hips.

# This exercise helps to make spine stronger and make abs more visible which improves the overall performance of any athlete.


Any beginner trying these exercises at home or in-ground should take precautions which will help them to remain injury-free.

We all have different body types and everyone has a different mindset but the one who starts his journey with positive intent really makes the difference.

# In the beginning, everyone finds workout very boring and no one is really interested in taking care of their bodies, then suddenly they realize that it is the most important aspect of their life which they are not maintaining.

# The focus should be on performing all the above exercise correctly and avoiding any kind of shortcut while doing it.

# Well these are best exercises to lose weight at home, and before starting them you should warm-up your body for minutes.

# If you have any kind of injury it’s better to stop the exercise and consult the doctor. If you are exercising in indoor conditions then always check whether that room or hall is properly ventilated.

# Keep yourself hydrated all the time if you are performing for more than one hour, always drink one glass of water before the workout.

Moving on….

Weight Loss At Home: FAQ

Now you must have got the idea of some of the best exercises for weight loss. And also partially found the solution to your weight loss problem, and understood what really matters while losing weight.

Here we will take some frequently asked questions about weight loss on the web.

Is home exercise effective for weight loss?

You can’t lose weight overnight, it takes time. Home exercises will give you the same result when you compare it with gym workouts. In the gym, you have all the necessary equipment which does help in weight loss. Plus you also get personal trainer over there. But at home, this is also possible but here you have to exercise properly and with utmost determination, regularity. Losing weight at home can take more time than the gym but, the above exercises are very simple and result oriented. If you perform them diligently it will give results in a very short time

What exercises at home burns the fat most?

There is not one special exercise by which you will lose weight. Its a combination of different exercises when performed regularly will give you a result. Well, exercises like walking, running, lunges, squats are the most basic exercises for complete body strength, which also helps to reduce fat. You have to perform at least 8-10 different types of exercises which will give results in the longer run.

Does Plank reduce belly fat?

Yes, of course, it does
Plank is the best exercise for the abdomen muscles. It improves our abs muscles and also strengthens the back, hamstring, quad muscles. Combining this exercise with leg raise and crunches you can reduce belly fat in a very short time.

Can you lose weight by exercising 30 minutes a day?

Yes this is 100% possible, you can check it out from here Top 10 Best Home Workout For Men In 2020
Exercising daily helps the body to reduce the fat in our body and maintaining this habit of exercise for 30-40 minutes helps in developing the strength of our muscles. The 10 different combinations which we have given will definitely give you the result if you are performing consistently. But try to take a gap of one day so that your working muscles get time to relax, and when you start again they will stretch more.


The real million-dollar question still exists! are you really going to follow all the above exercises very seriously or still going to avoid it because of your lame excuses?

If you are then let me assure you will see those big changes in your body within 20 days. Because the above exercises for weight loss at home for females are really effective.

Your body and mind start responding to any kind of new change in about 15- 20 days’ time, which helps to be regular after that initial tough time.

All the working professionals, women, mothers can make changes in their life by simply giving them 45 minutes daily no more than that.

“You have always been beautiful. Now you are just deciding to be healthier, fitter, faster & stronger”. Remember that.

So take it as a challenge and try to do all these exercises for 3 weeks and then give us your feedback on how it worked out for you? Did you achieve the desired goal?

At last if you didn’t achieve the desired result, share your thoughts in the comments below and we will try to solve your problems.

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