Does Going To Bed Hungry Help You Lose Weight – Is it Good Or Bad?

Are you also losing sleep over how to lose weight?

Does going to bed hungry help you lose weight?

Well, if you are also asking these questions, then keep reading this article to find the genuine, real & simple solution.

But first, just think how many different things you have tried to lose your body fat, the list is countless!

You stop eating less food not by circumstances but by choice, as there is no choice left for you.

Remaining hungry at night is not a good option for losing weight, rather you can have your dinner before 8 in the evening.

By doing this you can have your breakfast early in the morning and this is a more healthy option for losing body fat.

Although, there are instances where being on fast or consuming light food helps in weight loss.

So, let’s find out more about it…

Being Hungry At Night For Weight Loss

Being Hungry At Night For Weight Loss

Many people consider going to bed empty stomachs will help in weight loss!

But, what these people don’t understand is that it can affect their digestive system and it will lead to inflammation in the stomach.

Going hungry at night or any time of day for a longer period usually termed as intermittent fasting.

This fasting usually works by reducing your calories intake for that duration and thus aids weight loss.

Now let’s see what happens in your body when you are hungry-

  • Remaining hungry at night makes you impulsive.
  • Nutrients like glucose, amino acids present in your blood are lowest while you are hungry.
  • Being hungry for a long time increases ghrelin hormone and is associated with a hunger that can increase obesity.

Going To Bed On Empty Stomach Weight Loss

Going To Bed On Empty Stomach Weight Loss

If you are consuming low calorie and eating more fibre then you can go to bed empty stomach at night.

Weight loss requires a lot of things to click together like, workout, diet and having patience in your process.

But, going empty stomach whole night for weight loss can be unhealthy in the long term.

So is it true – does going to bed hungry help you lose weight? or not?

let’s find out…

Instead to do the following to increases your chances of losing weight while eating less at night-

  • Foods high in fibres are great for the body, as your stomach will remain full, but you will not gain any fat.
  • Remaining hungry for long periods can increase insulin levels and it will lead to increased blood sugar levels.
  • Try to eat at regular intervals during day-time to improve your weight loss chances and have the right amount of protein in your diet.
  • If you can have food which has high fibre, protein before 2-3 hours going to bed as this will keep you feeling full and will not increase your calories.

Benefits Of Going To Bed On An Empty Stomach

According to many health experts, having proper and protein-rich food in day-time can help you have less food at night or you can go on an empty stomach.

It can improve your health in a few different ways and can help you lose weight also.

Not everyone has the same body type and the same level of inner strength, some people benefit from it and some don’t.

If you are fully fit and don’t have any kind of stomach problem or digestion problem, you can try to go empty stomach.

But always consult your medical expert before starting this process.

Now, let’s see what are the benefits of going to bed empty stomach-

  • It can improve your sleep, as your mind is not constantly working on the digestion process.
  • Also, no excess acid is produced while you are in sleep to digest your dinner food, which is good in a certain way.
  • If you have maintained a healthy diet throughout the day, then you can skip dinner, which can help to lower calorie intake at night.

Is Going To Bed Hungry Bad For Muscle Growth

To be brutally honest, it’s a misconception most people have that going hungry at night will aid in weight loss.

And asking – does going to bed hungry help you lose weight?

Is no helping you to achieve your weight loss goal…

As many health experts in the past have stated going hungry at night can lead to several health issues.

Are you also thinking of going to bed hungry for weight loss…?

Take a moment to read this article and find out how it affects your muscle growth…

  • At night your metabolism tends to slow down and when your stomach is empty your muscles don’t develop.
  • During sleep your body develops, repairs and strengthens muscles by using protein and this process is affected when you remain hungry.
  • During night time body cells repair your damaged muscles and tissues and being empty stomach affects all these processes.
  • And all these can lead to a loss of muscles.

Side Effects Of Going To Bed Hungry For Weight Loss

We have reached a stage in human life that health has taken a real beating and most are suffering from all kinds of health problems.

Lifestyle in this fast-paced 21st century has made everyone aware of health and fitness.

And losing weight is top priority for everyone in most cases…

But remaining hungry at night can’t be the perfect solution for weight loss?

Let’s find out what the side effects of going hungry at night has on your health-

1.Affects Sleep

Going empty stomach sends your brain signal which makes it very difficult sleep, as your mind is not getting rest and you feel restlessness whole night.

It can hamper your whole next day, as you will feel hungry in the morning and you can go for any kind of food just to fill your stomach.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important but it should not be done at the expense of your health and sleep. 

Try to find a healthy, rich in fibre & protein diet and maintain this schedule sincerely to burn your body fat.

2.Low Energy & Tiredness

You will be tired the next morning, because of insufficient sleep, and this will affect your work performance and mental health.

If you are going to bed with a fibre-rich or protein-rich lightweight food, it will help you sleep better and you will be fresh and energized the next morning.

3.Weight Gain

People also fall into this trap of not eating at night to lose weight, but it does the opposite you put on more weight.

When your stomach is empty, it starts conserving all the energy and directs them to different body functions.

And this process leads to gaining more fat.

The Bottom Line

So, I hope you must have understood the positives and side effects of going empty stomach at night for weight loss.

You just have to keep a perfect balance between diet and workout.

Just try to have foods high in fibre & protein in short intervals and eat at least 3 hours before going to bed.

Well, if you have any suggestions or if I miss anything, feel free to comment.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends & family.


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