Can We Eat Banana At Night For Weight Loss: Here’s The Answer

Can we eat a banana at night for weight loss?

Are you confused about the benefits and effects of having bananas at night on your weight loss regime..?

Just take a deep breath and keep reading this article to find the exact effect of eating bananas at night.

Bananas are the best fruit that provides instant energy to your body, many athletes, working professionals have bananas before and after their game or work.

It contains vital nutrients and antioxidants which most other fruits don’t have.

But, eating bananas after dinner is not the best option as it will slow down your metabolism and this can lead to increased fat levels in your body.

To use bananas effectively at night, avoid eating heavy dinner and eat a banana at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Now, let’s dive right in as to how bananas help in weight loss…

Banana Nutritional Value

It’s a well-known fact that banana is everyone’s favourite, as it has great taste, provides all the important nutrients and also fills your stomach.

You must have seen people having it in the form of snacks or during their breakfast.

If you have decided to include banana in your weight loss diet, then that’s the first step towards achieving weight loss goal.

Banana provides many health benefits, but let’s see what are nutritional value of banana is…

In about 100 g of banana it contains-

Fatty acids0g

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Is Banana Good For Weight Loss At Night

Is Banana Good For Weight Loss At Night

Losing weight requires a lot of sacrifice from your side, you have to control diet, sleep and keep working out to shed kilos!

This is where most people give-up as not everyone is able to perform all these things together…

But, banana as fruit has many benefits and it does aid in weight loss, but is banana good for weight loss at night?

First understand that any food or fruit helps in weight loss only if it is low in calorie, fat and is high in fibre.

Now, if you are consuming 2-3 bananas in morning or afternoon then you don’t need to have it in the night after your normal dinner.

But when you haven’t eaten banana in the daytime, then try to consume 2 hours before dinner, as then it will not impact metabolism and will not increase calories.

Best Time To Eat Banana For Weight Loss

Trying to find the perfect balance between diet and workout is the most important factor for shedding excess fat.

When it comes to what is the best time to eat bananas for weight loss, you can really overthink it and just miss the opportunity to have it daily.

Banana provides instant energy and fills your stomach in a very short time, that’s the reason it is eaten very commonly.

So, you have no idea when to eat a banana in a day? and still not able to find the exact time?

Don’t worry, find out this in the next section…

But, what’s The Best Time To Eat Banana For Weight Loss?

Many health experts suggest having a banana before you start a workout or even after that, as it provides instant energy and fills your stomach without adding fat.

Even having food late at night is not good for your digestion as some foods can lead to mucus formation.

Banana is a fruit best eaten in the morning or as a form of snacks, just try to avoid having it at night.

Athletes or working professionals usually have it in the morning or before the workouts, so what I will suggest is to just avoid it at night if you are on a weight loss regime.

Benefits Of Eating Banana For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Eating Banana For Weight Loss

Fruits high in fibre, low calories and that fills your stomach without fat are the best for weight loss and maintaining a healthy body.

Banana has some basic and effective nutrients and minerals present in it which improves overall health, gut health and aids in weight loss also.

You must be wondering what are the benefits of bananas for weight loss!

Here are some of the amazing benefits of bananas…

  • According to health experts, the green banana is said to be best for weight loss, it contains resistant starch.
  • Resistant starch helps in weight loss and can reduce blood sugar level in your body.
  • It has a Low Glycemic Index and this indicates it has low sugar levels in it.
  • The more ripe banana, the more sugar it will contain, so always go for the green one if you can.
  • It is also a great alternative for high-calorie snacks as it can easily suppress your hunger.

Side Effects of Having Banana At Night

It’s no brainer that having heavy food and eating late at night can lead to increased body weight.

This will only increase body fat as your body’s metabolism slows down during the night and it is very difficult for your gut to digest that food!

If you are on a weight loss diet, then you have to rethink before having a banana at night…

Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive (thanks to their potassium content)—but the level of radiation is not high enough to cause harm.

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  • According to Ayurveda, eating bananas at night can form mucus.
  • It fills your stomach so try to avoid it at night because it will take time to digest.
  • Also never take it after dinner, as you have already filled your stomach with food and overeating will only increase your fat intake.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss works well when your diet and workouts complement each other because maintaining a healthy body requires dedication and hard work.

It’s always best to avoid eating having a banana at night, as it provides more benefits in the morning and after lunch or even before your workout.

These are the important points you have to keep in mind to effectively eat a banana and lose weight in the process.

If you have any suggestion or doubt feel free to comment below.


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