Does Hot Water Reduce Tummy Fat? A Quick And Best Solution

Does hot water reduce tummy fat? To be honest, it does help to burn more calories and tones your belly.

Weight loss makes you do things which you have never imagined in your life, isn’t! Well to reduce your belly fat, you can go to any stretch.

Just ask yourself what are the different things you had tried to reduce your belly fat? Workouts, dieting, joined Fancy GYM and even tried the expensive treatment for losing the fat.

So, stop losing sleep over how you can attain your abdominal muscles and keep reading this article to find out the amazing benefits of hot water and how it helps to shed excess fat.

Workouts, diet are both important factors for losing weight and hot water expedites this process.

You must have heard your granny talking about drinking hot water for good health, now’s the time to follow her advice!

You haven’t listened to her then, but now you have to….

Hot Water

Hot Water

Drinking water is vital for human beings, it’s your basic requirement but we somehow neglect the importance of drinking water on a regular basis.

Even for weight loss, it’s very important, as it can provide all the health benefits while helping you shed that excess fat.

Hot water is best for your digestion, constipation and keeps your body hydrated for long periods.

You must drink hot water early in the morning to maximise its effect, drinking it empty helps more, so you can consider that option also.

But does drinking hot water help in reducing belly fat?…let’s find out in the next section.

Does Hot Water Reduce Tummy Fat

Does Hot Water Reduce Tummy Fat

It’s a human tendency to not believe in anything until you have seen it from your own eyes!

If someone says that hot water does help to reduce tummy fat, you still will not believe in him, unless he shows you some results.

But, let’s first understand why it’s so hard to burn belly fat in the first place…

Whenever you put on weight first it gets stored in your body from your belly and waist area.

And while you are always on work, doing business or household chores, your tummy does not get the same workout as your legs and hands get.

Because of this even if you are working for 12-14 hours per day, you are not able to lose abdominal muscles fat.

So, how can you reduce it?

Now, here comes the importance of hot water, as it can keep you feeling for long hours and hot water keeps you hydrated, improves your digestion also.

Hot water can also clean your internal system, makes it more healthy and all these factors together lead to reduced and toned abdominal muscles.

How Much Hot Water Should I Drink A Day

Anyone can drink hot water, it has many health benefits especially when you are on diet, it can turn out to be boon for you.

But, I know you still have one doubt as to how much you should be drinking hot water per day?

Well, the answer to this question is very simple. According to health experts drinking 5-6 litres normal water is very healthy for you.

Here, you are looking to shed belly fat, so what I will suggest you, follow the below methods for best results…

  • Drink hot water in the morning.
  • Try to drink, empty stomach.
  • Always have one glass of hot water one hour before your meal.
  • 4-5 litres water is a must for a healthy body and burning your tummy fat.

How Much Water Should You Drink A Day To Lose Belly Fat

Some of you just want to get the exact amount of water which you can drink to lose your belly fat, but knowing is one thing and then following it rigorously is another.

How much water you can drink per day to lose tummy fat, well to be very honest, only water will not decide your weight loss, there are other factors also.

How you perform the workout, maintain correct and then if you are supplementing it with drinking hot water daily, then my friend you are going to see your belly fat getting reduced.

Drinking hot water anywhere between 5-6 litres for the average human body is vital, but it can according to your body weight or age.

So, if you can just consult your dietician or health expert before drinking 5-6 litres of water per day.

But, don’t think only hot water will save you, it requires dedication, power and will to achieve a great result…

so just follow the process, and eventually you will get there.

Hot Water Benefits For Belly Fat

Hot Water Benefits For Belly Fat

Isn’t that ironic our elders always suggest to us all the things in life, but we have always tended to neglect the advice.

 And the result is right in front of you…!

Not so healthy and bulky body, eating right and workout is necessary to live a healthy life.

Hot water brings more than just helping in weight loss, it has great benefits, aren’t you interested to find out?

Of Course you are…

  • keeps you hydrated, gives you energy and overall body energy increases.
  • Hot water keeps you feeling full, which stops you from overeating.
  • It also helps to cleanse your internal body system.
  • Also improves your digestion, by breaking down calories into smaller units, and your digestive system can easily digest it.
  • One important benefit is that it can increase your metabolism and that results in burning more calories.

Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water

It’s a very common theory around the world that if something provides value then it will have some negative aspects of it also.

Well, too much of anything can be harmful in anything, same for drinking hot water.

You have to balance it out when and how much to drink hot water…

  • Don’t drink too hot water as it can burn your mouth or tongue.
  • Always check how much hot water is by taking one small sip or by touching it with your finger.
  • Initially try to take less amount of hot water and then increase gradually.
  • Don’t mix cold water into hot water to keep it mild, as it can affect your body temperature and you can suffer from cold and fever.

The Bottom Line

In the end, I hope you understood how hot water helps to reduce tummy fat and how you can use it in an efficient and best possible way.

Hot water is healthy and great for losing overall body fat, so don’t waste time and just start drinking it early morning for best results.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

If you have any suggestion or any query, just comment below.


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