13 Super Effective Workouts For Plus Size Women At Home

workouts for plus size women

Are you looking for best workouts for plus size women?

Are you struggling to keep yourself fit and maintain the excess fat?

Sometimes society and you also start believing in all the negative aspects of being plus size! 

I know the hardships of plus size women as my partner is quite similar to you all.

But she has always found ways to motivate herself and perform workouts to keep herself fit and strong.

In this article, I will share 13 simple and fun workouts which you can perform without any discomfort at your home.

Jumping jacks

jumping jack

Jumping jacks are quite fun to perform once you get the feel of it.

They are great cardio exercises that work your entire body muscles and especially target the lower body.

You can burn maximum calories in one session of this exercise, your heart rate increases, so does your blood circulation.

And that helps to burn maximum calories and boosts your mood and enhances body shape, flexibility, improves balance.

Brisk Walking

exercise for obese beginners at home

A moderate form of normal walking in which your speed is a little bit faster.

Brisk walking is great for overall health and any obese woman can easily perform it for 20-30 minutes per day.

It improves your lungs, heart and oxygen levels in the body.

This style of walking helps to tone your big thighs and even calves muscles.

If your goal is to lose weight, get a fit body, or just have good health and then this is the perfect workouts for plus-size women.


plus size full body workout (plank)

The most common problem many of you face is the size of the belly and hip area which bothers most women.

Plank can help you to tone it and reduce the fat from abdominal and thighs muscles.

You can do this at your home or outside or even in your workplace.

It also works your shoulder, forearms, back and core muscles.

The most common muscles involved in this exercise are core, back, thighs and glutes.

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workouts for plus size women(Lunge)

A great plus size workout that provides not only strength but also helps to tone your lower body.

Most obese women get demotivated by the sheer size of lower body fat but lunge can help to tone these muscles.

This exercise builds muscle mass and increases strength, flexibility, balance, and tones core, hips, and thighs muscles.

Lunge targets your hamstrings, glutes, and quads muscles which are very important for maintaining lower body strength.

Wall Sit

Most plus size women have weak lower back and very delicate joints.

Wall sit exercise helps to improve the back, joints and core muscles.

Plank is a great workout for overweight females as it improves balance, endurance, flexibility and also increases stamina.

It creates a tremendous amount of stress on joints and thighs which help to tone core and thighs muscles.

You also don’t require any kind of equipment for doing this workout, this is the perfect workouts for plus-size women.


exercise for obese beginners at home (cycling)

You do cycling indoor or outdoor also this depends on your comfort but you will definitely gin more out of this exercise.

Cycling is also quite a fun workout as you don’t feel like you are doing exercise it all just happens naturally.

It is great cardio workout for plus size women and this help to tone thighs, core and back muscles.

This cardiovascular activity improves joint mobility, flexibility, increases stamina, muscle strength.

It can also reduce stress levels and mood swings which help to focus more.

Wall Push-ups

cardio workout for plus size women (wall push-up)

As your body is quite heavy it can be tough for you to perform normal push-ups that’s why wall push-up helps in it.

If you have a delicate or shoulder problem this exercise helps you to perform it and burn calories.

This exercise reduces load on shoulders, chest and arms.

And is great exercise for plus size women who find normal push-ups difficult to perform.

It is the best bodyweight exercise that improves strength and flexibility of the upper body.

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Half squats

half squats

A great bodyweight plus size full body workout which helps to tone the lower body and increases strength in it.

Half squats use hamstring muscles and like full squats also tries to generate similar stress on the biceps femoris.

It improves strength and stamina and provides flexibility.

This exercise targets glutes, hamstrings, calves, thigh and core muscles.

It also improves body posture, flexibility, mobility, and tone hips, thighs, and abdominal muscles and is a very effective workout for plus-size women.



Women love dancing I know this because i have seen many plus size females enjoy it.

You can use dance to improve you rfitness and also lose weight if that’s what you want.

When your body is moving it is using your whole body and this help to burn lot of calories.

This form of exercise keeps you energized and you won’t feel like you are doing something different as it just comes naturally.

This is great way to start exercising when you are plus size and try to maintain that body.

It also improves your mood, flexibility, endurance and reduces stress and anxiety.

Bicycle Crunch

bicycle crunch

This exercise targets your core, thighs and back muscles.

Bicycle crunch is modified form or normal crunch but it fairly simper to perform it.

It helps to tone core muscles like abs, inner abs, thighs muscles and also strengthens back.

Obliques are also important muscles which this exercise targets and it helps to slim down a waist size.

A great workouts for large women as it increases heart rate and boost overall muscles strength.



Also best cardiovascular exercise that improves heart, flexibility, endurances and lungs.

It also improves muscle strength, agility and increases fitness standards.

Plus-size people mostly suffer from heavy breathing and asthma but swimming helps to improve your breathing and lungs.

According to Mayo Clinic a 160lbs (73 Kg) person can burn upto 423 calories by swimming for 1 hour.

Plus size women also find it difficult to get good sleep, swimming helps to improve your sleep and it also boosts your mood.

Stair Climbing

stair climbing

This exercise is also a from cardio and is really great to tone your legs and abs.

You can simply start climbing the stairs in your apartment to burn calories and strengthen the overall body.

It also improves your flexibility, endurance, heart rate and lungs.

Stair climbing help to burn around 200 calories by doing it for 10-15 minutes only.

So try to avoid your lifts for few weeks to enjoy a healthy and fit body.

Butt Kicks

It’s a powerful cardio exercise also known plyometric or jump training workout.

Very simple exercise that help to increase endurance, muscles strength and flexibility.

Any obese woman can very easily perform it, but try to do it slowly initially because you don’t want to get injured in the initial days.

Butt kicks targets your hamstrings, quads, glutes and hips.

Always keep your back straight and try to engage the core muscles.

Final Thoughts

Well, these are the best 13 workouts for plus-size women at home to get in shape and have good health.

It’s all in your mind, once you stop all the outside clutter and free your mind, you can achieve any desired result!

Just start with the basic exercises and see what suits your body, and don’t forget to reply in the comments if you see some positive results.


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