11 Ways Chia Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

Ways Chia Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking for ways chia seeds can help you lose weight?

Losing weight can be tough when you are not eating the correct diet and not doing the regular workouts!

Diet plays a vital role in helping you burn calories and stops you from gaining excess fat.

Chia seeds are small black seeds obtained from Salvia Hispanica plants, also called “superfood”. 

Eating chia seeds prevents you from developing any kind of chronic disease and it comes in white and black varieties.

It is also helpful in reducing weight and increasing satiety in you, in about 100gm serving it contains Calories- 490, Total carbs- 43.8gm, protein- 15.6 gm, Total fat- 30.8 gm, Cholesterol- 0mg.

So, here are 11 ways chia seeds help in losing weight…

High In Fiber and Protein Helps You Lose Weight

High In Fiber and Protein Helps You Lose Weight

According to a study published in PubMed (National Library Of Medicine) having chia seeds in breakfast increases satiety for a short period and stops from overeating. 

Chia seeds help in losing weight as they contain soluble fibre which slows down the absorption of food and increases the feeling of fullness.

Glucomannan, a fibre present in chia seeds, helps in weight loss in the same way as discussed above.

Protein present in it also increases satiety and keeps you full for long periods.

But there is no direct evidence present that suggests that eating chia seeds does help in weight loss.

Although some experts say that chia seeds can be a great addition to weight loss diets.

One study also says that chia seeds also help to control diabetes type-2 diseases and suppress appetite.

Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Chia seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, omega-3 present in chia seeds is Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Experts believe that not all ALA are good for health.

It has more omega-3s than salmon has, improves eye health, reduces depression and anxiety also.

Omega-3s also reduces blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure.

Osteoporosis, a common disorder that affects your skeletal system can be improved by omega-3s as it helps to increase bone health.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Being high in fibre, protein and omega-3 chia seeds can reduce risk of heart disease.

Quercetin, an antioxidant present in chia seeds, helps to reduce the risk of developing several health conditions, especially heart disease. 

Being high in fiber helps to reduce high blood pressure and also reduces the risk of several heart diseases.

A Joint Event on 3rd INTERNATIONAL OBESITY SUMMIT AND EXPO in 2018 suggests that consuming chia seeds reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It is the best way chia seeds can help you lose weight, so make it a habit of including it in your diet.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

One of the benefits chia seeds has that it reduces blood sugar levels.

High fasting blood sugar levels are linked with the risk of chronic diseases and heart disease is one of them.

According to one study people suffering from diabetes type-2 diseases eating chia seeds after a high-carb diet reduces their blood sugar levels.

Chia seeds are rich in fibre and are anti-inflammatory, this helps to lower blood sugar levels and is great food for the management of diabetes.

It is also a good source of dietary fibre which helps to lower the spike in blood sugar levels.

Has Very Few Calories But Contains Vast Amount Of Nutrients

Ways Chia Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight

Chia seeds are loaded with many healthy nutritional ingredients which not only helps in weight loss but also reduces the risk of several chronic diseases.

It is rich in fibre, protein, omega-3, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and fats.

They are whole grain foods which are gluten free meaning non GMO.

Also rich in zinc, potassium, Vitamin B1,B2 and B3.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity Which Is Helpful In Weight Loss

Has Very Few Calories But Contains Vast Amount Of Nutrients

Chia seeds are highly beneficial and are rich in omega-3s, fibre, protein, antioxidants, calcium, and zinc.

Diet containing chia seeds also helps to triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels.

According to one study eating chia seeds regularly also helps to improve glucose digestion and enhances the sensitivity of insulin in the body.

In one study it is found that chia seeds help to tolerate insulin and glucose levels and this makes it great for people at risk of diabetes.

High fibre keeps you full for long and in turn helps you in weight loss.

Also Contain Healthy Fats

Also Contain Healthy Fats

Rich in healthy fats means good for weight loss and also for your heart health.

It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is considered good for cardiovascular health.

Chia seeds mostly consist of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acids (ALA) and omega-6 fatty acids.

It contains more omega-3s than flax seeds which are also rich in it.

Being high in omega-3s than omega-6 helps to lower down inflammation in your body according to one study.

Omega-6s being low in comparison to omega-3s help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, inflammation, etc.

Can Also Reduce Cravings For Junk Food

Can Also Reduce Cravings For Junk Food

Foods high in fibre help to induce a feeling of fullness and that is why it is included in a weight loss diet.

Eating foods rich in fibre help to stabilize blood sugar levels and if you are not eating foods rich in high fibre you are more likely to crave foods rich in sugar.

Just by having chia seeds in the morning or in your snacks improves your chances of losing weight.

And moreover high fibre means you are less likely to eat other junk foods or sugar rich snacks or diet.

Foods rich in fibre also improves your digestion as soluble fibre present in it helps to combine with water and this helps in creating a gel-like substance.

Therefore fibre rich diets are good for regular digestion and reduces chances of constipation.

Can Become Great Breakfast Diet

Ways Chia Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight

If you go hungry to work or don’t eat foods rich in fibre in the morning it can slow down your metabolism because you will tend to a lot later in the day.

Chia seeds should be in your breakfast diet as it is rich in fibre, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it great for maintaining a healthy weight.

Morning diet should be healthy which means eating foods high in fibre, protein and good fats.

If weight loss is your goal you have to find ways to include chia seeds in your diets which also keeps you full and stops you from overeating.

Chia Seeds Are High In Antioxidants

Chia Seeds Are High In Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to ward off free radicals from getting produced in the body as free radicals can damage cells, tissues and give rise to developing diseases like cancer or the aging process.

Research in PubMed also highlights that chia seeds are high in antioxidants and it does help in cardiac, hepatic protective effects, anti-aging, and anti-carcinogenic characteristics.

Equally High in Quality Protein

Ways Chia Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight

Chia seeds contain 20% protein which corrects and protects energy malnutrition in the body.

Protein content present in chia seeds is much higher than protein content in all other cereals.

It is also free from gluten which makes it possible for a person suffering from celiac disease to easily digest it.

One study also showed that eating 25% of protein out of total energy results in loss of fat.

Intake of foods rich in protein also shown to lower down the appetite and in return induces the feeling of fullness.

Final Thoughts

Well, these are the best ways chia seeds can help you lose weight!

Your focus should be on foods that are high in fibre, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and a good source of zinc and magnesium.

Foods like whole-grain are really beneficial in weight loss, so try to include them in your diet for the best possible results.

And don’t forget to share t with your friends and family.


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