An Amazing List Of Foods To Eat After Workout To Lose Weight At Home

List Of Foods To Eat After Workout

Looking for list of foods to eat after workout?

Your muscle building and weight loss depend on what you eat post-workout!

Most people make the mistake of eating anything or unhealthy food right after an intense workout.

Because of this all the hard work you put in your workout fades away.

Here is a list of healthy food you can include in your diet post workout-

Foods rich in protein:

  • Dairy food- milk, yogurt, cheese
  • Fish & Seafood- fish, oysters, clams, crab, prawn, lobster.
  • Eggs
  • Meat (lean)-pork, lamb, beef.

Healthy foods high in fiber and protein:

  • Chicken, vegetables, or fruits.
  • Quinoa and vegetables.
  • Brown bread and whole eggs.
  • Lentils and brown rice.

Foods having healthy fats:

  • Cheese
  • Dark chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Chia seeds
  • Full-fat yogurt

Foods rich in carbohydrates:

  • Oats
  • Blueberries
  • Beetroot
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Buckwheat

Foods To Eat Post Workout​

After an intense workout, your body needs rest and food to regain all the energy and fluid it has lost.

Your muscles and tissue are very stiff after a workout and you need ample rest also to recover all the strength.

Foods help to regain all the energy, strength and provide all the vital nutrients and minerals needed post-workout.

It also help to build muscles and help you recover for the next workout regime.

After an intense cardio activity like running or brisk walking, you need foods high in carbohydrates and after a strength training workout, your body needs a meal filled with protein and a little bit of carbohydrate.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best foods you can have-

  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Peanut butter 
  • Protein shake
  • Chicken

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What To Eat After Workout To Lose Weight

What To Eat After Workout To Lose Weight

The workout takes a lot of energy from your body and it is very important to serve your body the fluid and protein it needs to get charged again.

You must get something to eat within 20-30 minutes after an intense workout.

Research from 2017 suggests that Nine grams of milk protein are sufficient to stimulate muscle anabolism after resistance exercise.

According to a 2007 study published in the National Library of Medicine, consuming skim milk gives rise to muscle protection after resistance exercises more than soy protein does.

Meals rich in omega-3 fatty acids are also good post-workout meals as it helps to boost combining of muscle protein and increases muscle cell size.

Dishes like tuna and salmon are high in fatty acids and a great post workout meal for losing weight.

Foods Having Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the most important part of your body energy.

It is the fuel that helps to function most of the body muscles, tissues like heart muscles, brain, and nervous system.

Having food rich in carbohydrates improves your digestion also and keeps you full for long hours, controls cholesterol levels.

After a workout, your immunity decreases and foods rich in carbohydrates help to lower the effect on immunity.

Fruits, potatoes, quinoa, and grains are good sources of carbohydrates and are good food after a workout​.

Foods Rich In Protein

The health benefits of protein are known to many but very few consume it to improve health and strength.

Protein helps in weight loss and also improves your rate of metabolism.

It helps in gaining muscle mass and strength when you are on a weight loss regime as muscles are made up of proteins.

Having foods high in protein also enhances your metabolism and this helps to burn more calories throughout the day.

Foods like peanut butter, eggs, salmon, and chicken are good sources of protein.

What To Eat After Workout At Night

Most of you guys must have workout sessions in the evenings a few hours before you go to bed.

But this creates so many unwanted questions in your mind! Like what to eat at night post-workout and is working out in the evening good for health?

Eating after the workouts is very important for your health and body as you need the lost energy and strength back.

During exercise, your muscles use glycogen reservoirs for energy and hence muscle glycogen gets exhausted during this activity.

Hence your body needs to fill up all the drained glycogen stock and build and repair protein muscles.

Therefore you must eat inside 20 minutes post workout at night.

You have to take into account that you can’t eat a heavy dinner also, as it will increase the chances of inflammation in the stomach.

Your post-meal should contain healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates, so here’s a list of diet you can try:

  1. Yogurt with fruits
  2. Mixed vegetables with cottage cheese
  3. Nuts and seed
  4. Salmon with mixed spinach salad
  5. Avocado and eggs

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Post Workout Meal Vegetarian

What you eat after a workout is equally important to recover all the lost energy.

Consuming unhealthy or not eating for long periods will make your muscles weak and your metabolism will be slow.

Post meals and snacks help to regain lost nutrients during workout and makes you stronger again.

The food you eat after workout helps you to recover for next day’s intense workout.

Nutrients like protein and carbohydrates are important for muscle and energy recovery.

And it’s also best for your health to try and eat as soon as possible post-workout which gives your body more time to recover.

Here’s some healthy foods you can eat post workout- 

  • Chickpeas
  • Oatmeal
  • Smoothies
  • Eggs & Toast
  • Greek yogurt
  • Banana with peanut butter
  • Cheese with fruits

Post Workout Snacks

Tired of intense strength training or high endurance cardio session?

You must be craving for foods rich protein or to refuel your lost energy with protein bar!

Well you can’t always go for protein bars, as it is not a real substitute for a healthy snacks or food.

The most important thing after exercise is that you have to eat protein and carbohydrate-rich food or snacks.

Below are some great post workout snacks you can enjoy-

  1. Peanut butter banana smoothie
  2. Chocolate milk
  3. Almond with apple
  4. Almonds
  5. Veg-omelet
  6. Whole-grain cereal with milk

Best Foods To Eat Before A Workout

Most of you get excited about going to the gym or for a workout but do you realize how important it is to eat good food before a workout.

You need lots of energy and a relaxed mind to workout and you also need to be hydrated to work effectively.

Most nutritionists suggest having light food or snacks which can be easily digested during this time, 45-60 minutes before the workout, and a full meal 2-3 hours before a workout.

Here are great snacks or light food you can eat 45-60 minutes before workout-

  • Protein smoothie
  • Banana slices and almond butter
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Fruit and yogurt
  • Oatmeal with milk and fruit.

What Not To Eat After A Workout

The only thing that can hamper your fitness or weight loss goal is the food you eat right after your workout!

It can make or break your fitness levels, metabolism and even body shape.

Simply following any diet without knowing its nutritional value will affect your health and body, as it can hamper your gained muscle mass!

Post-workout your stomach needs food and your body needs energy but you should keep in mind that you have to take things slowly and eat something rich in protein, fibre and carbohydrates.

Here some risky foods you have to avoid after your workout-

  1. Foods low in carbohydrates: Most dieticians suggest having a protein-rich diet post-workout but carbohydrates are equally important to energize your body. Glycogen is mostly exhausted during an intense workout and you need it back, so food rich in carbs helps to recover the depleted glycogen and refuels your body for the next day’s workout.
  2. Having sports drinks: Most people make the mistake of having sports drinks or juice or any beverages after a workout. It should be avoided because most sports drinks or sports beverages are high in sugar, chemicals, and added sweeteners.
  3. Processed foods: Intense workout like strength training, cardio or HIIT makes you sweat a lot and you lose water and potassium. And this makes you crave salty snacks or foods.
  4. Fried food: Fried foods contain damaging trans fat which is not healthy for your body. Foods high in fat can also slow down your digestion and you will feel very inactive. So, you should try to include food that contains micronutrients and help to power up and energize your muscles and body.

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope now you have the best list of foods to eat after a workout, and hopefully, you will gain a lot from this list.

Whatever you eat post-workout just remember that it should contain nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fibre, and healthy fat.

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