Is Corn Flour Good For Weight Loss: An Ultimate In-Depth Analysis

Is corn flour good for weight loss? Are you eating the right flour, if you are on a weight loss regime?

If that’s the case, keep reading this article to find out what’s the science behind corn flour, does it really helps in weight loss or not? and how it affects your body.

Losing weight simply means burning more calories than you consumed, many foods provide that but some are helpful and others only make matter worse.

One of the most important ingredients that decide whether you will lose weight or not is what you eat! a healthy diet escalates your chances.

Corn flour does provide nutrition, minerals and protein but does it really helps to burn those fats? Can you include it in your weight loss diet plan?

Let’s find out all answers to these questions…

What Is Corn Flour

what is corn flour

Corn flour is obtained from the corn grain (maize) and it is flour, grind from dried whole corn grain. Endosperm present in corn kernels helps in obtaining corn flour from it.

People love it for many different reasons be it for taste, health benefits or because it is very easily available.

Starch, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals are present in it which makes it healthy and improves your life’s longevity.

The colour of corn flour is yellow but it can also be blue or white as it depends upon the type of corn used. 

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Corn Flour Nutritional Value Per 100g

The best thing about corn is not only it tastes better but also has many nutritional ingredients in it which makes it healthy food.

You will never regret after having cornflour if you are looking to lose weight, as it provides all the required minerals and nutrients which your body needs.

Find all the nutritional value of corn flour here:

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Is Corn Good For Weight Loss

Is Corn Good For Weight Loss

There is not any genuine scientific proof that corn helps in weight loss, but according to many health experts, it has some advantages over wheat flour.

Corn has been in our food supply for many centuries, but in recent years the trend is shifting and people are using it as a weight-loss food.

It provides many nutrients and minerals to your body but it can also shoot your sugar levels in the blood.

  • Low in protein and fat make it a good food for weight loss.
  • Fiber present in it helps you keep your satiety in control.
  • It is also high in carbs which come from the starch present in corn.
  • They are also genetically modified crops throughout the world. (the USA is the leading Biotech crop planting country in the world in 2016 – According to Global Area of Biotech Crops)
  • Fibre also helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
  • Ferulic acid present in corn also helps to avert the risk of cancer.
  • It also provides calories that help the metabolism of your body, but it should be consumed moderately.

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Is Corn Flour Healthy

Is Corn Flour Healthy

Health benefits of corn are many which mean it has the nutrients which help in keeping your body and mind at peace and helps in maintaining healthy body weight.

In the USA corn flour is known as corn starch. Many of you might be pondering over is corn flour healthy?

To answer this query you have to first understand how corn flour affects your weight loss process and what it does to your body.

  • Corn flour is gluten-free which means it helps in decreasing inflammation in your body.
  • Polyphenols and antioxidants help to fight free radicals in your body.
  • Insoluble fibres like hemicellulose, amylose, lignin and cellulose help to improve your digestive health.
  • Also a great source of protein and fibre which any normal person requires for a healthy body.
  • It also helps to keep your blood pressure under control.

Benefits Of Corn Flour For Weight Loss

Corn provides your body with numerous nutrition, minerals, protein and vitamins which are vital for a healthy body.

Corn is very delicious food and satisfies most of the health requirements, it even provides many weight loss benefits which we will discuss in this section.

There are few important benefits of corn flour for weight loss:

  • Resistant starch present in it helps to control weight because it keeps you full for long periods.
  • Inflammation is the reason for gaining weight, cornflour helps to overcome this hitch.
  • Foods like corn also lower your appetite and this results in controlled eating, which leads to weight loss.

Disadvantages Of Corn Flour

Out of many benefits of cornflour, there are few exceptions which can make you hesitant to include it in your weight loss regime.

All The nutrients, minerals, proteins and fibre present in corn boosts the health system and makes you stronger.

Let’ take a look at some of the disadvantages of corn flour

  • Corn flour is high in calories which makes it your foe if you are on a weight loss diet plan.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes and obesity, corn flour can make you gain weight which is harmful to your health.
  • Your LDL cholesterol level can also shoot up, as cornflour has low fibre present in it.
  • Corn flour is said to be derived from Genetically modified Crops, which uses pesticides and is extremely detrimental for health.

Corn Flour vs Wheat Flour

There is not much difference between corn flour and wheat flour unless you look closely, but the nutritional values are slightly different in them.

The texture, colour and flavour are different between them if you are wondering which one to choose then keep reading this article to find out.

  • Corn flour has more fibre than wheat flour.
  • Wheat flour has more protein, calories, vitamins and minerals than cornflour.
  • Corn flour is gluten-free which can be consumed by anyone, but wheat flour is not.
  • Corn flour also has more fat than wheat.

Which Flour Is Good For Weight Loss

If you have reached a stage where weight loss is a must and you are planning to include healthy staple food like flour in your diet plan, then you need to understand few important things before you jump on it.

Any food should be consumed when you know the full nutritional value, whether it is providing your body with the right nutrient, minerals and protein or not!

The food market is filled with many flours and they can suck you into believing that their flour is healthy and will help you in weight loss. 

But if you have to keep yourself away from such sham claims made by the respective companies.

Below are the best flour for weight loss-

Almond Flour

According to many nutritionists, almond flour is the best for overall health and it also aids in weight loss. Filled with lots of protein, good fat and vitamin E which makes it more healthy than normal wheat flour. Like corn flour, this one is also gluten-free and has all the powerhouse minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Low carbs in almonds are helpful in keeping your weight under control. It also keeps your glycemic index low which decreases sugar level from your blood and steers you towards weight loss.

Brown Rice Flour

It’s a well-known food which people use in their weight loss regime. The benefits of eating brown rice are known to many like it has high insoluble fibre present in it that helps to boost your metabolism. Fibre present in it helps to lower cholesterol and also blocks the forming of blood clots. Brown rice flour has a higher concentration of protein, iron and magnesium.

Quinoa Flour

In recent times many fitness experts have started including quinoa flour in their weight loss diet. It is rich in protein and has low-fat content which helps to lose weight. Quinoa flour is one of the many sources of protein for vegetarians. The most amazing fact is that it keeps you feeling full long hours and stops you from having unhealthy snacks.

The Conclusion: Corn Flour is Good Or Bad

So, what you have decided now? after understanding the nutritional and health values of cornflour you must have understood that it does help in weight loss, but you can’t depend on it.

Supplementing other healthy and protein-rich meals in your diet plan is the way forward which will expedite weight loss.

Corn flour is good for health and weight loss, but some exceptions make it less effective for losing weight.

Well, if you found this article of any use, do comment your thoughts and let me know how was your experience while trying corn flour.


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