How Much Weight Can You Lose With Oatmeal Diet: Your Ultimate Guide

So you have decided to include oatmeal in your weight loss diet and wondering how much weight can you lose with oatmeal diet?

To be honest, there is no direct answer to that query. As it depends on how much oatmeal you are consuming, what workouts you are performing. 

And in this article, I will cover all the aspects that will help and guide you to reach the desired answer. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started

An oatmeal diet has very low calorie, is high in fibre and it mostly keeps you feeling full for long periods of time and this makes it a great food for weight loss. 

Now, how much calories can burn it will depend on the amount of workout and diet you incorporate together daily. In some people, they can lose anywhere around 6-8 pounds easily in 2 weeks

But again this is just the average number which is derived by regular workout and having oatmeal daily twice a day

There is no perfect and short answer to this query, I can help and guide you to understand how oatmeal affects and helps weight loss, so keep reading to find out the solution. 

Oatmeal Diet

Oatmeal Diet

The journey of weight loss is such that you have to see many ups and downs and there is no shortcut or any kind of trick which will instantly burn your fat. The right diet and regular workout is the most important part which will lead you to perfect and healthy body weight.

Oats are great as they are low in calorie, fat and can help improve your body health and helps in losing weight also. Oatmeal is derived from dry oats which are whole grain and are highly nutritious for health.

This food is highly customizable as you can add fruits, nuts and other healthy items with oats to improve the taste of the meal.

Oatmeal is a very common breakfast for many people, but if you are looking to lose excess pounds, you have to increase the diet up to 2-3 times a day.

What Eating Oatmeal Does To Your Body

What Eating Oatmeal Does To Your Body

If you have already included oats in your diets, then you are already half on our way to your weight loss target. Oats are healthy and nutritional food which is very easily available and can be consumed in breakfast and dinner.

The best thing about oats is their health benefits and how it helps in weight loss. Well, I am not discussing any medical or any detailed scientific effects of oatmeal, as you guys probably can find those stuff from medical experts.

And, you are here to know how much weight can be lost by the oatmeal diet and how it affects your body.


The high fibre content in oats are great for keeping your appetite in control for long hours, it’s also best to include oats in your breakfast.

You can also include berries, nuts and pumpkin puree with your oats to taste it better and this will increase the fibre content also. Fibre also helps you to understand how much weight you will lose With oatmeal diet after including it in your diet.

A soluble fibre “beta-gluten” present in oats helps in lowering cholesterol levels and makes your stomach feel full. It is also helpful in the digestion process.

Full Of Nutrients

Oats contains nearly-

8% water, 

0 mg of cholesterol, 

Carbohydrates 66.33 grams

Sugars 16.67 grams

Protein 11.67 grams

Above data is based on 100 grams of nutrients, you can also see all the oats nutrients chart from U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE website.


Oats have the highest amount of protein in whole-grain cereal-based foods. High protein in oats means you don’t have to worry about where you will get energy and strength.

Oats is great for vegetarian people looking to lose weight as it provides energy and helps in burning body fat by stopping you from overeating.

Avenalin is a type of protein found in oats which is almost 80% of all protein is considered helpful in lowering the risk of heart diseases.

Best Time To Eat Oats For Weight Loss

How much weight you are going to lose depends on when you are going to eat oats. If you are planning to take it during breakfast or at dinner, then take a deep breath and read this article before continuing. 

But, if you are wondering over what is the best time to eat oats for weight loss, then you are just wasting time and energy.

Your main priority is to lose the maximum amount of weight in a shorter time period. So, to achieve that you have to incorporate oats at least 2-3 times a day in your mealtime to see the maximum amount of effect. 

Well for starters start with breakfast, take ½ cup of oats with nuts or milk, then in lunch again take the same amounts of oats and mix it up with fruits like apples, berry or some carrots.

You can also try yogurt or cinnamon with oats. Mixing up your oatmeal will keep you interested in having it and you will not get bored of it.

The secret to any healthy weight loss diet is when and how you consume it, keeping it simple and just being regular with it.

Oatmeal Diet Results

Rigorously consuming oats for long periods will give you results in a very short span. But as I discussed earlier weight loss will only happen once you are regularly following the diet plan, and maintaining a healthy eating habit for a long time. You can have some cheat food once a while, but it has to be controlled.

An average person can lose up to 5-10 pounds in 3-4 weeks if he is following an oatmeal diet plan and complementing it with regular workouts, cardio or weight training exercises.

Losing weight and working out together can be very challenging and if the results are not showing it can dishearten you. 

But you guys have to keep patience and determination, as oatmeal diet results will show and it’s going to happen, you just have to keep pushing yourself.

“Remember how a small child never gives ups on anything he wants to hold in his hand because for him that thing is the main goal”. So, just hang in there to see the changes in your body, “it will happen just don’t stop”.

Risks Of The Oatmeal Diet

You have got a fair idea about what nutrients and health benefits oats provide but there are some few risks involved with it. So, it’s better to consult any medical expert before you start including it in your meal.

Below you will find some risks of the oatmeal diet which you have to wary of before going full-on with it.

  • Low-calorie can be an issue because you are going to consume it daily. 
  • Also eating regularly oats 2-3 times per day can affect your weight-loss process or it can slow down that process.
  • It can become monotonous to consume oats daily, so it’s better to include fruits, nuts, or other healthy and nutritious food in your diet plan.
  • There are some other highly chronic-diseases that can also occur if you are only consuming oats like high blood pressure or heart-related issues

The Bottom Line

At last, you must have got a fair idea about your query how much weight can you lose with oatmeal diet, is explained and I have tried to give you a practical explanation.

The sole motto of this article was to help you get close to your result and in the meantime guide you about all the possible benefits and risks of oatmeal.

If there is anything you guys would like to add or share how oatmeal is helping you lose weight and how much weight you have lost, then feel free to comment below, and do share it with your friends and in your community.


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