Endomorph Workout Plan For Weight Loss: Best Workout Plan You Need

The interesting thing about an endomorph workout plan for weight loss is that it’s basically different sets of workouts which works the definite muscles in your body.

You have to control your cravings to achieve a well-toned body to follow a healthy exercise plan.

Endomorph is the body type in which a person is not obese but their body is rounded and fat percentage is high in comparison of muscle mass.

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What Is Endomorph

what is endomorph

You have probably seen many of your friends or someone in your family has a rounded body.

Endomorph literally conveyed a body type which is having more body fat and less muscle mass.  

It is also very hard for them to lose fat after they gain it, their body structure is also different: broad shoulders, wide hips and short limbs are the major physical structures to be noticed.

Endomorphs have different body types than ectomorph and mesomorph.

There are many reasons for this type of body, but in this article, we will only consider how to overcome this kind of body type. 

It’s not a big issue but still, many guys want to achieve that well-toned and healthy body.

If your body is endomorph then you must check out our next section i.e endomorph workout.

Endomorph Workout

If you have a rounded body and more fat than muscle mass then you have to perform some compound, high intensity or workouts which works every muscle in your body. 

Endomorph workout helps you get ripped and chiselled muscles and targets most of the important muscles like abs, thighs, upper chest and hips muscles. 

Hips and abdominal muscles are very hard to tone and it can take a long time, but with high intensity and compound workouts, it can be achieved in a short time.

High-frequency workouts help to burn calories, work your whole muscles and is a highly efficient workout for people with rounded and heavy bodies.

Workouts like squats, pull-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps or planks and some other work your every muscle which helps to burn more calories and help you reach a skinny well-toned body.

Endomorph Workout Plan For Weight Loss

When you are looking for weight loss and your body fat or weight is the main issue, in that scenario, you have to include a compound and high-intensity workouts in your endomorph workout plan for weight loss.

Losing weight as an endomorph requires hard work and lots of time working out, as your body structure tries to resist the change. 

The important thing is to keep yourself motivated and the only way it can be achieved is through rigorous and consistent training and including all the compound and high-intensity workouts.

You have to include workouts which works your whole body and tougher the workout the sooner results will come.

I have prepared a workout plan to help you get a toned and healthy body.

Endomorph Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Endomorph Workout Plan At Home

Planning to lose weight at home for an endomorph is slightly difficult meanwhile its also very much possible if you are doing effective workouts.

Endomorph workout plan at home to lose weight requires you to include a high-intensity workout that burns maximum calories and works every muscle in your body.

Here some interesting things you can try at home to lose excess fat-

  • Always start with jumping jacks, it will increase your blood circulation in the body which will help you to jump straight to high intensity exercise.
  • High-intensity exercises like burpee should be included in your weight loss regime.
  • Maximise the workout session and don’t take long gaps between different sets, it will slow down your metabolism.
  • Above all drink water half an hour before you begin your workout, as you will not get tired quickly.
  • You can use a chair, bottle at home to perform some back and biceps exercise, as they don’t require any expensive equipment.

Endomorph Workout For Weight Loss

Endomorph Workout For Weight Loss

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to gain weight! but incredibly hard to burn fat. When you reach a stage where the only way to lose weight is to give it all, after that it becomes slightly hard to shed those excess pounds.

Especially when you are an endomorph, as you already have a body type which just loves piling on fat and makes your body heavy and rounded.

Losing that fat requires time and dedication, which is possible but first, you have to find those workouts and start your weight loss regime.

The workout plan I have given has workouts like jumping jacks, burpees, plank, skipping, push-ups, jump squats and some other ones.

These workouts are high intensity and compound workouts which help to burn fat and give results in a very short time.

An endomorph body needs workouts which burn maximum calories works for every muscle group and creates constant pressure on the most affected body muscles like abs, thighs and waist muscles.

Endomorph Workout Female

Females tend to have bodies which after gaining fat is not very easy to get rid of.

They also have natural and beautiful curves which need perfect shape and workout to be perfectly fit.

Females who have endomorph body type tend to find difficult to burn calories, the first thing they should do is to consider restricting their diet to very low carb and zero fat.

Endomorph workout female must have high-intensity and cardio exercises that work overall muscles during the workout.

Females who have put on fat and are on a weight loss regime needs to perfectly select workouts that target their main muscles containing fat.

Few important points are necessary to know before starting these high-intensity workouts-

  • Try to supplement your workouts which are healthy and contains low-carb, sugarless, low-calorie diets.
  • 30-40 minutes of moderate to high-intensity workouts are necessary to perform.
  • Women have mostly fat stored around their hips, buttock and thighs, so they need workout which targets these muscles group.
  • Moreover, endomorph females have more fat stored, the trick is to find the right workout which helps in losing that fat.

Endomorph Advantages And Disadvantages

The best thing about being an endomorph is that you have a natural body muscle and can easily build muscle mass than others but it comes with certain limitations.

Stop seeing yourself as a burden, rather think about how you can maximise your endomorph potential!

Here I will help you realize some endomorph advantages and disadvantages necessary before you jump onto the weight loss regime.


  • According to studies bodies having higher fat percentage tend to lose weight quicker than someone with a lower fat percentage.
  • However they also have stronger body compared to ectomorph.
  • They can easily transform themselves into any body type with weight training and HIIT workouts.
  • Fast-twitch muscles fibre helps endomorph in maintaining muscles growth and strength.


  • Their bodies just love fat and just can’t resist gaining fat in the body.
  • The heavy body can slow you down, which slows the weight loss process and very easily demotivates you.
  • After several weeks of dedication and trying all the different exercises the results are not there, because of slow metabolism.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, I think you must have got a fair idea about an endomorph workout plan for weight loss.

Don’t think it is not possible just start your weight loss journey and just take it one day at time.

Weight loss is possible for endomorphs, you just have to take healthy diet and supplement it with high-intensity workouts.

If I missed anything or whether you want to add something, please comment below.


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