Drinking 2 Gallons Of Water A Day Weight Loss In 30 Days|Benefits|Tips

Drinking 2 Gallons Of Water A Day Weight Loss

Looking for secret tips for weight loss?

Ever tried drinking 2 gallons of water a day for weight loss?

As water is vital for health and maintaining body temperature, it is a basic necessity for us.

But do you know drinking water daily not only improves health and keeps you hydrated but it can help to maintain body weight!

In this article, you will learn the benefits of drinking 2 gallons of water per day, its effect on the body, and whether it has any side effects or not!

According to a study by Quench USA, Inc almost 77% of American professional workers don’t consume regular or enough water during a single course of the day.

So, let’s jump right in…

What Happens When You Drink Water Everyday?

Water is one of the basic necessities for all of us, it not only quenches your thirst but does more than that.

You need water for every activity you perform whether it’s inside your body muscle, tissues, cells, or outside.

The whole functioning of your body depends on the amount of water you drink.

Any kind of physical activity you perform you lose water through urine, sweat, bowel movement, and breath.

To lose weight you need a low-calorie diet and regular workout, and other than that drinking water also helps in burning more calories.

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Can You Lose Weight By Drinking 2 Gallons Of Water A Day

Drinking 2 gallons (256 ounces) of water per day depends on many factors like your-

  1. Age
  2. Bodyweight
  3. Metabolism

Before you start drinking 2 gallons of water, first you should start by drinking 1 gallon (3.78 litres) every day.

Your body needs to adapt to drinking more water because you can’t just start drinking 2 gallons of water daily.

As it will keep you full for long periods and you will feel hungry and your body will not receive vital nutrients and minerals from the food.

But can you lose weight by drinking 2 gallons of water? 

Yes, you can!

But only drinking water will not help in weight loss, you need a low-carb diet and intense workout to burn the fat.

Here are some tips regarding how much water you should drink per day-

  • Try to have 1 glass of water 45 minutes before any meal you have.
  • Always drink water for half an hour after you finish your meal.
  • Don’t drink a lot of water after going to bed at night.
  • Try to take lukewarm water in the morning when you wake up.
  • Warm water helps in weight loss and also improves digestion and bowel movement.
  • According to Health Harvard Medical, you should drink 4-6 cups per day as a normal healthy individual.

So, how much water should you drink according to your weight?

  1. An article published in WebMD states that try to drink half an ounce or 1 ounce of water for every pound your body weighs.
  2. This means if you are 140 pounds, you must drink at least 70 to 140 ounces of water every day.
  3. It also depends on the climate you live in, the hotter region requires drinking more water than the colder region.

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How Much Weight Loss In 30 Days Drinking 1 Gallon Of Water Per Day

How Much Weight Loss In 30 Days Drinking 1 Gallon Of Water Per Day

Water not only helps in losing weight but is also vital for keeping you healthy and improves overall functioning.

Here is how drinking water helps your body-

  1. Hydrated.
  2. Lubrication of joints.
  3. Breaks down nutrients and minerals which helps your body to access them.
  4. To carry vital nutrients and oxygen to all the cells.
  5. Also helps to protect muscle tissues and internal organs.

Drinking 1 gallon of water per day is a very healthy choice and it has long-term benefits.

Any average person or an overweight person can start drinking 1 gallon (3.78 litres OR 128 ounces) of water per day.

How much weight you will lose depends not only on water but solely depends on diet and workout.

It’s not possible to find how much weight can you lose drinking a gallon of water a day for 30 days.

Not everyone has the same body, and metabolism and drinking 1 gallon will not result in weight loss for all.

So how does drinking 1 gallon of water help you in losing weight?

Let’s find out-

  1. Drinking 1 gallon of water helps to improve your metabolism, which means fat-burning cells will be activated for longer.
  2. It is also advisable to drink half the weight of your body in ounces of water per day for losing fat.
  3. Water helps to activate, Lipase an enzyme that induces fat in your body.
  4. Water helps to improve the functioning of cells and it keeps you hydrated which improves your workout sessions.
  5. You will not feel sluggish or you can perform the workout with maximum intensity.
  6. Water helps in maintaining and regulating the energy stored in your body.
  7. It helps to cut down excess calorie intake and keeps you full for long periods.
  8. Drinking water and including whole healthy fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries.

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Benefits Of Drinking A Gallon Of Water Per Day

Nearly 60% of your body consists of water, which helps in the proper functioning of cells and tissue.

But still, people don’t give importance to drinking more water regularly and it causes serious health issues later on in life.

It’s not been proven that drinking water will definitely help in losing weight, but it does expedite the weight loss process.

Now here are some benefits of drinking a gallon of water every day-

1.Instant Source Of Energy:

Many people often complain about lack of energy as if they are not interested in any kind of work at all.

Many people get thirsty in the lunch hour or maybe at the post-lunch sessions because they are not properly hydrated.

Lack of negligence sometimes leads you to think that you don’t need water or you are not thirsty but it can be the reason for dehydration and feeling dull or low in energy.

Drinking a gallon of water per day will improve your dehydration levels and you will be more energetic and will be more focused.

2.Skin Health:

Water not only helps in weight loss but also improves your skin health.

If you are struggling with rashes, itching, and dry skin problems it is because you have low fluid levels in your body.

Tissues, cells, and all the vital organs that make up your skin need fluid that helps to revive and repair damaged cells or tissues.

The best way to improve skin condition is to improve your inner body system, by drinking a gallon of water, you give skin cells a chance to get less dry and it helps to ward off wrinkles issues also.

3.Clears Up Digestion And Constipation Problem:

One study suggests that drinking slightly warm water right after getting up in the morning improves your digestion and bloating issues.

Dehydration can also cause digestive issues which makes it hard for you to lose weight.

Drinking a gallon of water per day will help to clear the digestive tract and food which is not digested by the pancreas and water helps to excrete it.

4.Helps In Weight Loss:

Drinking a gallon of water per day helps to keep hunger at bay and you don’t overeat your meal.

When you are dehydrated, your body sends signals to the brain that you are hungry.

As you feel hungry you start to overeat the food!

Not drinking a sufficient amount of water puts you at risk of gaining more weight than you already have.

Drinking water also helps to minimize your cravings for sweets or sugary beverages.

Proper hydration helps to keep your hunger in check and helps in losing fat by consuming meals in moderation.

5.Also Prevent And Treat Headaches:

Water is almost important for everyone’s life on earth especially for us, it works as a solvent and regulates body temperature.

Your body needs a balance between water intake or loss of water and electrolytes as these are vital.

According to PubMed Central research, dehydration can cause thirst, lethargy, headaches, dry skin, dizziness, and dry tongue/mouth.

When you are drinking 1 or 2 gallons of water per day, your body will remain hydrated for the entire day, and all the internal cells, tissues, and organs will work in a well-synchronized way.

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Side Effects Of Drinking A Gallon Of Water A Day

Drinking 1 or 2 gallons of water is necessary for most people, but it’s not always suitable for many.

H2O helps to regulate body temperature, improves your skin health, and keeps you hydrated which helps in performing day-to-day activities smoothly.

But there are some negative impacts drinking excess water has on your health-

  1. Drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia, a condition in which the sodium (an electrolyte) level in your blood becomes low and gets diluted.
  2. When sodium starts diluting due to drinking excess water, your cells start to swell due to the rise of excess water in the body because sodium balances water levels in and around the cells.
  3. If you have some kind of physical or heart-related problem you need to consult your physician before drinking a gallon of water per day.
  4. Your muscles become weak after the loss of vital electrolytes and you get cramps, as it’s the after effect of drinking too much water.
  5. The balance of your body decreases because of the low levels of electrolytes.
  6. You get tired easily because drinking too much water means your kidneys are working more to remove the excess fluid from your body.
  7. And this results in feeling tired, stressed out, feeling anxious, etc.
  8. Overhydration can also cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea because the water starts accumulating inside your body.

FAQs: Drinking 2 Gallons Of Water Per Day

Can I gain weight from drinking too much water?

If you are drinking too much water like 2-3 gallons per day there are chances that your weight will increase due to bloating and water also increase in your bloodstream. But if you are drinking water regularly in moderation it will not increase your weight.

Will water weight go away?

It definitely goes away when you are physically active and drinking water regularly and not drinking too much water in one go. Drinking water does increase your weight by 2-4 pounds but it can decrease in a few hours as it depends on your metabolism. If your body is not able to lose excess water it can cause damage to your kidney and heart.

How much weight can I lose in 2 days if I only drink water?

Yes certainly you can many people try this technique of drinking only water for 2-3 days and they have lost weight. As you do not consume any calories you lose weight fast, according to research you can lose 0.9 kg (Approx. 2 pounds) per day drinking only water. Most people do this to improve their health as it can help to lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. But never try it without consulting your physician.

Final Thoughts

To sum up everything–you can lose weight by drinking a gallon of water per day!

But try to maintain a habit of drinking water.

Sticking with a good diet and workout plan is important to lose weight as you can’t just depend on water only.

if you learn something from this article please share it.

Enjoy the weight loss Journey!


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