Does Cold Water Burn Belly Fat? Is It True Or Not? Your Ultimate Guide

Does cold water burn belly fat?

Can it really help to shed the excess fat around your waist…?

If you are also pondering over this question, your wait is finally over!

Drinking cold water activates brown fat known as brown adipose tissue which helps to produce heat to maintain your body temperature to combat cold. Most of the fat in your body is present in the form of white fat and brown fat is very less in comparison.

Brown fat helps to disintegrate blood sugar and fat molecules that create heat to help in maintaining body temperature. When you drink cold water your body has to work harder to keep the core temperature stable and this results in burning extra calories.

But, the number of calories cold water burns is very low to make much difference in reducing belly fat.

Well, there is more in this article that will convince you to drink cold water for reducing belly fat.

Keep reading this article to find –

  • How cold water helps to burn belly fat 
  • Is it better than hot water
  • Coldwater health benefits
  • Does cold water burn calories

Does Cold Water Burn Fat

Does Cold Water Burn Fat

Drinking water for losing weight is not a new thing, but when and how much water you are drinking is the most important.

When you drink cold water instead of sugary beverages, it can improve your digestion and overall health.

Whenever your body experiences cold temperature by drinking cold water, it can increase your metabolism by up to 50%.

As your body tries to keep its core temperature warm, it burns more calories during that process.

Many people don’t understand the effect water has on burning calories.

Does cold water burn belly fat?

Well, it does burn fat, there are studies and experiments which show that drinking cold water can help to burn fat.

1.Brown fat (brown adipose tissue)

  • According to ResearchGate GmbH, upon drinking cold or icy water your body starts activating brown fats, 40-60 minutes after drinking.
  • Exposing your body to cool and cold temperature leads to recruits of more brown fat cells.
  • Brown adipose tissue gets activated when you get cold, it helps to produce more heat and maintains body temperature in cold conditions.
  • Brown fat helps in breaking down blood sugar and fat molecules and produces heat to maintain body temperature.
  • Most of the fat present in the body is white fat, it stores extra energy but having a higher amount of white fat can lead to obesity.
  • In reality, an infant’s body contains around 5% of the total body mass of brown fat.

2.White fat (white adipose tissue)

  • White adipose tissue is mostly present in a larger number than brown fat, it is usually the fat you have known since the beginning.
  • It stores energy in the form of large fat droplets, which helps in keeping your body warm.
  • But having excess white fat in your body can put you at risk of obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart disease.

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Does Cold Water Burn Calories

Does Cold Water Burn Calories

The human body burns calories in a number of different ways and it’s not dependent on one single factor only.

If you are taking juicy and healthy fruits, then it also helps to burn calories, when you drink water, it also helps to burn calories.

When you are only vested in what kind of water you must drink, then you are just wasting time!

Drinking cold water does burn calories, but so do warm water or normal water.

Considering the recommended 8-ounce glass of cold water a day, that’s 64 ounces daily, then you will only burn around 70 calories, which is pretty insignificant when your daily calorie intake is between 1500-2000 calories.

First you must learn how cold water helps to burn belly fat…

  • When you drink cold water, your body tries to stabilize the core temperature and works more during that process and burns more calories.
  • Even if you shower with cold water, your body will start producing brown fat, to combat the change in the temperature and this process can burn fat.
  • Drinking cold or icy water burns up to only 8% calories, most of the calorie-burning process is done by the basal metabolic rate (around 70%).
  • Coldwater can be used during workouts, it can provide instant energy and you will get tired easily.

Is Cold Water Good For Weight Loss

Is Cold Water Good For Weight Loss

Losing weight is not possible only depending on one thing like, you have to follow a strict diet and exercises regularly to reduce belly fat.

Drinking enough is one of the factors also, as water has many health benefits, weight loss is just one of many.

Many people are confused and they are not ready to follow the simple rule of drinking more water to lose weight.

So they just keep asking questions like…

Does cold water burn belly fat…? Is cold water good for weight loss! 

Cold water does help in weight loss and it is good for health also…

let’s find out how cold water help in weight loss-

  • Coldwater does burn calories but the numbers of calories aren’t much.
  • It is good for health, especially during workouts, you won’t feel dehydrated and fatigued.
  • Drinking more water is most important for weight loss, be it cold or warm water.
  • Coldwater also helps to increase your blood circulation and this process results in burning a few extra calories.
  • Drink cold water around noon or afternoon, not in the evening or night.
  • Drinking cold water is much better than having high sugar-rich beverages and soft drinks.

Which Water Is Good For Weight Loss Hot Or Cold

The human body is almost 70% made of water, which makes it most important for survival.

It is also one of the best drinks you can have, because it is 100% calories free.

People tend to do many things for losing weight like going to fancy gyms, buying expensive machines etc. but somehow still they are not able to lose weight!

This happens because of –

  1. Eating irregularly.
  2. Not consistent with exercise routine.
  3. Consuming excess junk food.
  4. Not drinking enough water to improve digestion and gut health.

Of late people have started to understand the effect water has on reducing belly fat!

Some of you might like hot water and others may like cold water…!

So which water is good for weight loss hot or cold?

First of all, drinking enough water per day is the most important requirement to lose weight, after that, it depends on what water you drink!

For that to understand, here are some basic differences between hot and cold water.

Hot Water

  • Having warm water in the morning helps in stimulating the movement of the intestine.
  • Hot water relaxes blood vessels and the digestive tract and helps in stimulating digestion.
  • Drinking warm water on an empty stomach decreases the chances of constipation and thus improves bowel movement.
  • It also removes toxins from your body.
  • It keeps you full for long periods and stops you from overeating, and that aids in burning more calories.

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Cold Water

  • Coldwater is especially beneficial during workouts as it can keep you hydrated for long, and you will not get tired easily.
  • Drinking icy water stimulates brown fat in your body, which maintains body temperature by producing heat, and thus burns a few more calories.
  • When you are drinking 8-ounce of cold water per day, it amounts to roughly 64 calories which is pretty low calories burned, rather its better to perform any physical activity.

Therefore, whatever you choose hot or cold water, make sure to drink enough water per day to burn more calories.

Most important is to drink enough water per day, which improve your digestion, blood circulation, removes toxins and keeps you full for long periods.

And now you must have got an answer to your query about how does cold water burn belly fat.

With that, let’s see some of the health benefits of cold water…

Cold Water Health Benefits

Water has many health benefits, cold water also helps to reduce calories, but it’s very low compared to normal water.

But it does have some common health benefits, which are super effective for a healthy body and weight loss.

If you are wondering that cold water only burns very low calories, hence what’s the point of knowing it’s health benefits?

But, cold water also has many benefits which can give enough boost to improve overall health.

Let’s see some amazing benefits of cold water-

  • Drinking cold water daily will boost metabolism and your body works almost 50% more to maintain the internal temperature.
  • While maintaining the core temperature, your body burns more fat and calories and aids in losing weight.
  • The best source of liquid you can take during workouts, can decrease the chances of dehydration and also provides energy.
  • Coldwater also triggers sensors beneath your skin that can increase heart rate and gives you an adrenaline rush.
  • This can improve your focus and keeps you more alert.
  • It also helps to detoxify your body and improves your immune system.

The Bottom Line

Finally, i hope you have got a fair idea about how cold water helps to burn belly fat.

Although it’s relatively very small in comparison to hot water or normal water.

Losing belly fat depends on a low-calorie diet, proper workout and drinking plenty of water.

So, if you are following it diligently, you will definitely lose weight and achieve a healthy and fit body.

If you have anything to add, do comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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