How to perform the diamond push-up the right way!

In this day and age of technology, we need a healthy mind and fit body to stay focused and be ready for all the day-to-day challenges. Without staying fit, we can not perform our jobs consistently.

Just imagine yourself, not suited for this fast-paced life, and not able to cope up with the immense pressure which can be from our job, family, personal relation, etc.

And eventually, we will lose our zeal to excel or work harder in life. So we all need to maintain ourselves and take care of our bodies.

Hence we must perform some exercises to stay strong and fit all the time. Being fit and healthy requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

The sole purpose of life is not only to achieve material things and position but to live a healthy and peaceful life and be a better version of ourselves.

Being negative and lazy is a disease that leads to pain, hardships, depression, poor health, and failure. Be proactive and give a damn to achieve success!
– Phil Heath

Diamond Push-up

A push-up is known to be the best workout for the upper part of the body, especially targeting the chest. In which we lie down parallel to the ground and try to raise the body and lower it to the same position with our arms and this process is repeated several times.

Whereas in this type of push-up we join our both hands to form diamond shapes or forming a triangle and try to lift our body, in the same way as in normal push-up, that’s why this push-up is also known as triangle push-up.

This exercise focuses mainly on triceps and this is a great exercise for it.

Types of push-ups

There are many different forms of push-ups that are performed by fitness experts or regular gym-going persons. The push-ups are great exercises for our chest, shoulders, and even back also. Some of them are given below-

  • Traditional push-up
  • Wide grip push-up
  • Diamond push-up
  • Staggered push-up
  • Clap push-up
  • Superman push-up
  • Super (Hindu) push-up
  • Strict (Military) push-up

How to perform the diamond push-up

This push-up is slightly harder to perform because our arms are very close to each other. Not suitable for someone who has just started doing push-ups.

But beginner can also perform this push-up if he starts from this type. The method is just like a normal push-up, but there is a slight change in the position of arms.

Which we keep very close to each other and form a diamond shape or triangle. Then from that position, we perform normal push-ups. While performing this push-up your core is going to get involved so you have to keep your back straight.

You can also check it here how to to do it properly-

Before starting this exercise you have to keep your hands below your face and right under your chin. When you come down you are going to take your chest right into your hands and come back up.

With this, your chin will be right under your thumb. But to perform this, you have to keep your elbows in, as opposed to flaring them outward.

Putting the elbows-in puts a lot more pressure on the triceps. You should always perform these exercises in a steady way. Don’t go too fast and neither too slow, always maintain the same rhythm throughout the duration of the set.

Regular push-up Vs. Diamond push-up

A lot of guys perform push-ups day-in-day-out at the gym or home. But, when you are a beginner push-up can be tough for you, because the body is not ready for this type of work-out.

Starting a push-up is never easy, but you have to perform it, because its the main exercise for your building your chest.

The main difference between both of them is that the focus areas are different. Regular push-up focusses mainly on chest and shoulders but diamond push-up is mainly targeted at triceps.

And it is also one of the types of regular push-ups.

 diamond push-up method

But the one’s who are performing this exercise for a very long time, they can perform this type of push-up slightly easy.

Then there is a basic difference in the position of arms. In a regular push-up, we keep our arms at shoulder distance, and from that position, we raise the body and lower it.

Another major difference is that diamond push-up focuses mainly on triceps and it helps in strengthening and makes the bicep bigger.


Basically while doing push-ups we are only focusing on making our chest muscles strong. These different types of push-ups help in building the overall muscles of different parts of the body.

  • It helps in making our triceps strong, which helps even you have small biceps. Because after performing this push-up your triceps muscle gets bigger.
  • This type of push-up builds maximum triceps and chest muscle.
  • By performing this exercise you can build a solid foundation by which you can progress to some other high-level intensity exercise.
  • Diamond push-up also helps to build upper chest muscle, it is one of the best exercises for it.
  • This push-up is also very effective and easy for regular working guys, they also prefer it over regular push-up. Because it really focuses on the upper chest as well as the triceps at the same time.
  • This method is best which gives results in a very short time and any beginner can also build his upper chest and triceps muscle in a short time.
  • This push-up is also very good for the shoulder joints and this exercise gives more strength to it.
  • It also increases the capacity of our lungs because breathing increases during this exercise.

Who can perform this push-up

Both males and females can do this exercise anywhere be it at home or at the gym. If they are not beginner they can perform it very easily, pregnant ladies or males who are suffering from any respiratory diseases should not be performing this exercise.

Any person who wants to build his upper chest muscles or triceps can perform this exercise.

But beginners should not directly jump to this push-up, because they don’t have the experience of it, they can get any injury while performing it.

Like machine needs oil to perform efficiently, we also need to take care of our body and mind. Exercise is just a part of this process.

Never think of like exercise like you are doing a job, or you are not interested in it. But always think of it as you are taking care of the most important in your whole life i.e health.

Negative Impact

Well in any muscle-building exercise there are chances of getting injured. And in this form also there are but it can be avoided by following all the above-mentioned procedures.

Since this exercise mainly focuses on chest and triceps muscle, and the method to perform is quite tough.

Elders, pregnant women, and people who are suffering from back pain should avoid this diamond push-up exercise.

  • Sometimes beginners jump on this exercise too soon, and there is a chance of getting injured.
  • You need to have the solid core strength to perform this exercise because this exercise puts all the pressure on the triceps muscle.
  • This exercise can cause elbow pain if you are a beginner and not ready for it.
  • Because our elbows are very close while performing this exercise it’s always better to perform this exercise only after mastering regular or wide push-up.
  • Push-ups are not very hard it can be performed by any beginner, but you should always take care of the process while doing it.
  • Because your posture needs to be correct, the core needs to be solid while performing this exercise.

If you follow all the above methods carefully, in a very short time you can also master diamond push-up. Any exercises require time, patience, and practice. You can’t build any muscle without the above factors.

So as far as we know, you can chase all your dreams in the world, but you have to be patient and work regularly.

The same applies here also if you are willing to work hard, you can master anything in this world, exercise is just part of that process.

So are you committed to conquer your fear and try to push yourself to the extreme?

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